My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter three: the invetation

I ran. I always seem to be the one running and I'm sick of it starting from now I will stick up for myself. I sat down on the corner of my bed and a single tear crawled down my cheek. My phone buzzed and it was a message.

JENNY: Lucy...

ME: what

JENNY: I’m sorry trust me I am

ME: at this point I couldn’t care less if your sorry or not

JENNY: just come back please

ME: no I’ll go back tomorrow

JENNY: please be safe hun

ME: I’m not your hun and I’m being safe enough

When I realised how she must have felt when I wasn’t listening to her it made me happy that she finally understands she’s not my mum so she can start acting like a friend. Anyway I went to sleep. When I woke up I called Jenny and told her I was in my way. When I arrived outside hers another tear fell down my face and Noah walked out the door.

” you shouldn't have left,” he said

”as if you care” I replied as I barged my way past him and to Jenny's room

She started to apologize for how she reacted yesterday and the told me why she wanted me to come here so bad last night

”yesterday, when I got home mum, asked me and Noah which one of our friends we both get along with and we chose you” she announced


” so that you could come away with us to Florida” she excitedly explained

I agreed to go with them. They were really nice most the time and her parents have always been like parents to me and have looked after me in my time of need.

Anyway, we were due to be leaving tonight as it was a surprise for Noah and Jenny.

So we packed our thing and we got in the car. We arrived and the airport and before I knew it we had landed in Florida.

We had a cab take us to our holiday park that we were staying at.

We then hired a car and drive around for at least two hours looking beaches before we decide to stop off and have dinner. After dinner, we all sat on a wall that overlooked the ocean. Then we headed back to the caravan and we stayed up and talked for a bit before we all divide to head off to sleep.

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