My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter four: alone with him

I woke up the next morning and we all had breakfast and got ready for the day. I and Jenny went out and looked around for about an hour then decided to head back to the caravan.

”Hi mum,” said jenny

”Hello sweetie” replied Linda

”We have to go out shopping are you alright staying here or do you want to come.” answered Jenny's dad Tom

”we’ll come with you” replied jenny

”actually would it be okay if I stayed here I kinda feel tired” I explained

” ok then how about you Noah,” Tom announced

”ill stay too”

Tom, Linda and Jenny all left and it was just me and Noah. I was alone with him. Noah started to play music and took my hand and made me dance with him.

”why..” I said confused

”because your the most beautiful girl that I know and I don't want what I said before to ruin how you feel about me even if it's not the way I feel about you. I really do like you Lucy” he confessed

”I...I...I like you too Noah” I said

And then Noah’s lips met mine. He picked me up not breaking our kiss and walked me over the counter and placed me on it to intensify our kiss before moving me again to his bed before he unclothed me. After about an hour and a half since the others had left , we heard a knock at the door so Noah got up and reclothed quick and answered the door while I finished dressing again. And I snuck to mine and Jenny's room and laid on my bed before anyone saw me move from his room.

”is Lucy awake Noah”

”yes I am.” I told her as I walked out of my room.

”do you want to go on a walk down to the beach, mum said we could by ourselves because we are no longer at school since that means we are now old enough ” she started to explain

”sure, Noah you coming,” I asked

”why not,” he said

The Three of us walked to the beach and sat down on the sand. We sat there in complete silence before we got a call to come back for dinner. As we were walking Lucas took hold of my hand and I held his back.

” Do you two think I'm blind?” she said in an angry tone

”what do you mean” I questioned


” Jenny, I'm so sorry. There's is something between us but we're not sure what it is yet” I said softly

”we’re sorry sissy” he added

”Please be honest with me,” Jen said

” we will” I replied

we walked back and outside our caravan, I asked Jenn not to tell her parents yet until we know what we are and she agreed.

”mum,” she said

”what's a wrong sweetheart,” she said,

” I and Lucy got in an argument so would she be able to stay in with Lucas,” Jenn said

”Lucas has one double bed in his room” she explains

” and, I don't want her in with me,” Jenny said

Her mum had agreed to it after Jenny made up excuses not to want to be with me, the Jenn told me what she had done and I couldn't tell if I was happy or not that she did it behind my back.

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