My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter five: so that just happened

When Jenny told me that her mum had said I could stay in with Noah I was in shock and I walked so calmly into his room and closed his door gently before I ran up to him and hugged him. He asked why I was in his room and what his mum would do if she found out so I obviously had to explain that I was aloud to stay there for some reason that Jenny didn’t make exactly clear why I was aloud.

“ do you know what’s so sad about you being aloud to stay In here” he said quietly

“ no but I’m sure you’ll tell me” I replied

“ the fact I can’t hold you in my arms all night and fall asleep with you head on my chest” he whispered

“ who said that” I asked

“ me because mum could walk in at any point to make sure nothing happens” he responded

“ Just say I was upset about my whole family issue and I needed someone to comfort me” I announced as I moved his arm around my neck

“Ok, hun” He mumbled just loud enough so I could hear

OMG did he just call me hun. Yea I know it’s not a big deal or anything but it’s the first name we’ve ever called each other. The next morning I had woken up still laying with my head on Noah’s chest. I walked out my now new room and Linda who was Noah’s and Jenny mum asked me to go on a walk with just her for a bit.

“So why’d you ask me to come with you lindi” I asked politely

“ I came into yours and Noah’s room last night and I need to talk to you about that.” As those words left her mouth my heart began to race

“Ok” I replied with

“Are you and Noah a thing” she hesitated before saying

“No, why” I asked

“You were sleeping with your head on his him, so I just thought you were. But you say your not so why were you like that” she mentioned

“I only graduated less than a week ago...” I said as a tear drop left my eye and I thought to myself. Why am I like this? Pull yourself together Lucy. Stop crying.

“I know deer. Come on sit here and talk to me about what the big deal about your graduation and why it seems so much more important than Jenny’s and why you keep crying about it” she rambled on

“ I told the whole school that my dad had an affair when I was two and my mum killed herself and I have no family that I know off...ARE YOU HAPPY NOW. I KNOW I SHOUDNT SHOUT BUT YOUVE MADE ME EXPLAIN MY WHOLE LIFE STORY TO YOU AND YOU THINK THAT I THINK MY GRADUATION WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU DAUGHTERS AND MY BESTFRIENDS” I cried at her before I ran back to the caravan and there was only Noah.

“ hey, hun what’s wrong” he said sweetly and hugged me. We hugged for about 10 minutes before his mum walked in

“ there isn’t and yet you still felt the need to do all that to her” he said as I let go of him and walked out the caravan.

I walked down the beach alone I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I had plenty of time just to think. Why was kinda doing this to me. What had I done that was so wrong. I began to cry. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Noa—” I whispered in a tears voice

“I’m sorry I don’t know who he is” a voice called out to me


“ why’s a pretty girl like you crying” his voice says making me blush

“I’m not telling my life’s story to you nor another person” I told him

“Let me wipe your tears” his gentle voice said

“WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON” Jenny shouted from behind him

“Jenny” I said before I got interrupted

“Your cheating on my brother already with a Florida boy, that’s disgusting”

“ Jenny it’s not like that at all. Firstly me and your brother are NOT dating and secondly I’m NOT dating this Florida boy. He asked why I was crying because of your mother” I angrily raised my voice at her

“My mum hasn’t done anything” she said to me

“ she didn’t tell you about our conversation earlier.” I asked

“No” she replied

“Well she definitely doesn’t want me dating Noah anyway and if I do she’ll kill me” I said

“ don’t you think that’s a bit exaggerated” the boy said

“ no” I answered

“ yes my mum doesn’t have it in her” I says

“ maybe she won’t kill me but maybe she’ll drive me to do it instead because she’s god well getting there” I said

“ never say that again” she told me

“Why, are you sticking up for her” I cried

“I’m not and I never want to hear you say that anyone is driving you to do that. Don’t think you want him to know so your know who’ did that and that passed he pain to you and others so if you did that you’d pass all your pain to all of us.” She said as I hugged her

“I’m gonna go now here’s my number if you ever want to text” I gave the boy my phone number and walked away with Jenny back to the caravan. We decided that we would move Jenny’s bed into Noah’s room so I wouldn’t have to decide who to stay with.

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