My Past With My Best friends brother

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Chapter six: My Dad

I woke up the next morning. Noah and Jenn were still asleep so I walked out my room and saw Linda. I took no notice of her and walk into the bath room to do my teeth. When I came out kinda tried to apologies to me so I had to pretend like I accepted it because she’s taken me away with her but I cant forgive her just yet.

“Hey” I heard Noah’s voice from behind me

“ hey” Linda and I both answered

“When Jen wakes should we go to to the pool” he said

“Yea. Could be fun” I replied

After about an hour jen had woken up

“What’s the plan for today” Jenny asked

“Noah and I—” I was interrupted

“Of course Noah and you are doing something. It’s like you’ve replaced me Lucy.” She said sadly

“That’s not what’s happening at all Jen me and Noah thought is three could head down to the pool for a bit” I said

“ oh OK,” she let out

As we were waking Noah pulled jenn aside for a minuet. the three of us went to the pool and got changed when I and Jen walked out the changing room Noah was already in the pool and winked at me

“ Yoo, look at them too” we heard a boy say

“Hey, cuties” the other shouted to us

“Don’t talk to us” I shouted back

“ don’t say that! There cute!” Jen said

“Your not hooking up with a boy you don’t know” I told her

“ like your one to bloody talk,” she warned

“What’s that supposed to mean” I raised my voice

“ it mean you can’t tell me who I can and can’t hook up with you the one hooking up with my brother for fun because we’re away” she said loud enough for Noah to hear

“ THAT IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH. And you know it, unlike you I actually like the one I’m “dating” so don’t say anything to me” I say

“ AND SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND SO DON'T YOU TWO TRY ANYTHING” I shouted at the boys before I walked down to Noah

“ you know what Jen said wasn’t true” I notified him

“ yea I know” he comforted me and then wrapped his arms round my waist

“ I’ve been meaning to ask you something Lucy” I worriedly spoke

“ go ahead” I told him

“ Lucy, will you be my girlfriend” I asked me as he got down on one knee in the shallow end of the water

“ yes and oh my god your cheesy” I said

“ I know” then he kissed me

“ YOO, GIRL” the boy shouted at me

“WHAT” I shouted back as I walked towards him holding my new boyfriends hand

“ are you the one that flirted with Jake down at the beach” he asked

“ does Jake have dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes” I wanted to know

“That’s him” he said

“ you flirted with a boy while being here?” Noah asked politely

“ no I was crying when you mum said those things about my family and he saw me me came up to me and HE flirted NOT ME” I replied with

“ OK Hun” he looked into my eyes before I broke it to look back at the boy

“ was that all”

“ how about dinner sometime” he asked

“ can Noah come” I answered

“As a date unless he wants to third wheel” he responded

“ then no, sorry” I answered

“ why” he questions

“ I’m her boyfriend” Noah answered for me


Jenn shouted at me and Noah

“ we don’t need your permission, your meant to be my friend not my mum” I told her


“ wow didn’t know you’d go there. That’s low even for you” I said and me and Noah walked away and surprising the two boys from before came up to me as well and we talked I gave them my number because they seemed cool and Noah was totally fine with it so me and Noah walked back to the caravan. My phone pinged

UNKOWN: hey. Long time no see

ME: who’s this

UNKOWN: it’s your dad Lucy

ME: OK jenn you can stop now

UNKOWN: I’m your actually dad I’ve had someone keep tabs on you and they heard you came to Florida.

ME: So...

DAD: I want to meet you Lucy and your mother.

ME: I’ll meet you with my boyfriend instead of mum

DAD: why not your mum

ME: Meet me at Lucas’s Holiday Park

DAD: I live about 45 minuets away. So I’ll be the about 7:15


I walked over to Noah and asked him if I could talk to him and Jenny alone in our room

“We’re missing out on games so this better be important, Lucy” Jenny explained

“It is”

“ it’s my dad” I mumbled

“ what about him” Noah said worriedly

“ he lives here and wants to meet me bacuse he’s found my number” I was nervously saying

“ your not going to are you” they both stated simultaneously

“I am...” silence fell after the words left my mouth

“Can you come with me Noah” I said

“ what about me” Jen asked

“ you can as well” I said

“ eww. No thanks. Just wanted to be asked” she said

“ since Jen won’t sure I’ll go with you” he put his arm around my shoulder and rubbed my arm. I rested my head on Noah’s shoulder. Linda walked through the door

“What’s going on” she asked is a slightly angry tone

“ Lucy’s dad lives here and wants to meet her so Noah and Lucy are going to meet him because I don’t want to do it after what he put her and her mum through” she explained

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