Craving the beast

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Chapter One

Dante POV

I'm Dante Chase.
Harvard Graduate.
CEO of Chase Corps and other Fortune 500 companies.
Net worth:$5.2 billion
A man of many talents, I have more interests and jobs you would expect. But I have my hands on a lot more things. Important things.
Okay maybe not important. But, they are.....pussies. Relax, just kidding.
Well, mostly. Adrenaline junkie. Jumps and falls,dives or climbs- orgasms. If it makes the bottom of your stomach and end up in your throat with a wave of pleasure for your whole body to surf afterwards, I'm in. My Mantra: Get out, Get wild, fucking live life but underneath the playboy act don't let it all get to your head.
Now that introduction's are out the way. I'm telling you that I had the worst Sunday night ever. I finally let my dick rule and slept with that tight assed personal assistant and since I left the hotel room of Guspa suites, she won't stop calling me.
My internal clock malfunctioned due to multiple drinks resulting in an hangover. Now, I'm late for a meeting with potential business investors. I take a quick shower and changed into one of the many black suits I own. I head for the underground parking lot in the building and hop into the car which is already occupied by my driver. Alfredo, my brother,best friend, body guard/armour , last minute driver and the devil's advocate was already in the car. He lived on the first floor of the penthouse while I lived on the second floor.
" Good morning Alfredo." I greeted.
He replied with a grunt probably still suffering from the last night's chaos.
Alfredo is my childhood best friend against the wishes of my mother but she eventually accepted him not wholeheartedly though. He and I were much closer than I was to my twin brother, Dancove.
Alfredo illegally parks in front of Starbucks and rushes in to get our coffee. He returns with two cups of black coffee with subtle cream in mine and only sugar in his. We head to Chase towers the building that accommodated most of the business. He parks the car and we both head inside. Alfredo works as a financial advisor to the company and its subsidiaries.
We use the private elevator to get to our floor and separate into our respective offices. I look at my personal assistant's desk and find it empty.
Thank goodness she fired herself. I can't stand the sight of her but small me can stand at the sight of her ass. Call me pervert all you want, I'm a guy and I've got needs.
I proceed to sit at my desk and I phone Matteo. He answers on the second ring. "Fire her." I command him immediately.
"Whoa dude! Slept with her already?" He asks. Matteo is Dancove's best friend. Unlike my brother he is very responsible. Dancove, Alfredo, Matteo, Lucas, Fabiane and I are all childhood friends. Lucas works for his father in Mexico city. We grew up together and ventured into the business world with joint savings.
I grunt in response to to his question. He laughs" it's pretty hard to find competent people these days so please try and keep it in your pants for a very long time."
I tell him to fuck off. Matteo has always been the responsible one out of we five. But I know he's right. No pussy eating in the workplace anymore. It is hard to find people who won't expose your business secrets- considering the economy- these days.
I end the call and head to the conference room in time for the meeting with the investors.

Rose POV
I am currently in a taxi leading me away from the airport and my past. The past that left me broken. I kept running all those years and now I can finally breathe. I felt warm tears leaking from my eyes. I sniffed and attempted to clean away my tears, shoving all bad memories into the vault. I closed it with a bang and turned the dial.
I took a deep breath and vowed to try....not try.. I vowed to start a new life with a new identity. The taxi drew up in front of an hotel in Beverly hills. "Miss, we're here."the cab driver informed me. I get down the cab with my trustee Gianpolleti handbag and Horsemen's baby blue suitcase. I paid the driver and headed into the lobby.
I head towards the receptionist, he was a blonde dude with green eyes and a chiseled jaw. He wasn't that bad looking but I wasn't looking for a relationship. I politely asked the receptionist,Tagland,"Hi! I'm Rose Glover. I need a room; preferably an ensuite."
He nodded and turned to search the computer for available rooms. Few minutes later, he turns to tell me "Sorry ma'am. The ensuite is currently unavailable. Only the penthouse is available."
I think' I can't possibly get a cab that is willing to drive to the other end of town tonight.'
"I'll take it." I inform Tagland.
He collects my information and asks me for method of payment and duration for intended stay. I tell him all he needs. He then hands me a key card and points towards the elevator. I say thank you and walk towards it. A nice steward shows me to the penthouse and points out the complementary wine. I appreciate him and lock the door when he's gone.
I pour myself some wine to help calm my nerves. "Tommorow is a new day and nothing rather no one can stop me from living my life" I murmured.
I take a warm shower and change into my doughnut designed pyjamas which reminds me of Lu. I sighed and proceed to hit the sack.

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