A Microbe of attraction.

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Allie just graduated college as a micro biology mager. With no family to speak of since she was takin from them after multiple abuse charges and few friends to celebrate with. She was more than willing to travel from her NYC town. Never to have to think about her past again. Her first job offer came from cold bay Alaska . They offered room bord all equipment payed and a generous salary with a 5 month contract to find out what was contaminating there fresh water resources. Everything had been ruled out except micro organisms and she needed a jod to start paying her student loans. Perfect match right! Alex was a second year natural resources officer. He graduated from college and moved back home to Alaska to be closer to his family. When wildlife started to turn up dead around the local watering holes he was beyond concerned for not only the wildlife but also the people. All there watter came from natural springs around hear his family even had a spring atatched to there water collection system. The mayor who just happed to be Alexes uncle had promised a biology specialist to come in and test the water for micro organisms of course When his uncle needs a place for them to stay he turns to his trustworthy nephew who has a guest room . When Alex goes to pick up the specialist from the airport He doesn't expect the gorgeous women that gets off the plane.

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Chapter 1

PLEASE NOTE! I am planning on taking my time this book isn't ment to be read till finished. I just had this in my head wanted to get it down somewhere. I can't spell lol. Gramer police be where. This is the only book , dream or anything else that I have ever written down.


Walking out of my dorm for the last time. I can't say I'll miss it or my stuck up room mate. Closeing the door on my old life and walk twords my future career. Everything I own fits I'm my two suitcases already waiting in the taxi. I'll never look back. Sliding in the cab giving the driver the adress I check my phone for an update from my case worker.

My life has been anything but pleasant. The man that was sapose to be my father started abusing me after we lost my mother in a car crash at the age of 13. At the time I was scared and alone looking for comfort and someone who knew what I was going thru. But all i found was a shell of a man my father wonce was. He was distant for a wile I figured he needed Time but eventually I confronted him. I remember like it was yesterday I burst into his study yelling that I still needed him too and he wasn't the only one who lost someone. I was so caught up in my own grief I ding see the signs that that mask was no longer my father. I remember He looked at me with a bottle In his hand his eyes where like dark pools. He wasn't my daddy anymore. He strode across the room and hit me so hard I blacked out when I woke up I was in the hospital with 2 broken ribs a busted jaw and bruises everywhere. That was only the first of many hospital visits. Coming up with excuses became second nature even with everything he did he was the only family I had.

When I graduated high school the social worker finally had enuf evidence without my help to put my father in jail for a long time. On top of abusing me he had gotten into some bad gambling debt and got mixed in with the wrong people to do it. My caseworker Cindy has been there through it all even though I wouldn't tell her what was going on she knew and she fought for me whether I wanted her to or not she always helped me get better after a bad beating. I love her dearly and she's become almost like family to me. The cab slowed and I was brought back from my thoughts. Paying the cab driver I slid out of my seat and looked at the gran lax airport. 20 hour flight then I'll be in Alaska and ready to start my new jerny I whipped my palm on my jeans. No no nervs at all I said to myself sarcastically. "Come on I can do this."

Poping my anxiety med in my mouth and swallowing I grab my receipt from the luggage drop off I try and calm myself down I can feel my heart racing in my chest palms sweating still. Even before Mom that I had never been on a plane we where lucky to go camping for a summer trip when I was a kid. I thought of being in the air scared the living hell out of me but I knew it was for the best. My father's court case cums up for a parole hearing in a few months and I dont even want to be as close as 3 states over. And this job is paying enough that I can put big dent in it.

I hand my ticket to the flight attendant and step lightly onto the plane. The meds are taking affect and I was feeling much more relaxed. This airplane was actually really nice the interior was dark blue the seats actually looked really comfortable or so i hoped. I put my small carry-on bag in the rack overhead and took my window seat. Oooo nice definitely comfier than they looked in the movies. another flight attendant was standing at the front of the plane giving out directions in case there was any problems on the plane. Man I'm really glad I took that pill I'd be flipping out otherwise. As she finished her speech the captain came on and told us that we were getting ready for takeoff my eyes felt heavy and I was grateful I didn't have to think about it right now.

....... Pain.... I know what's coming as I see the galf club flying twords me.... I gulp for air cold swet all over my body. Grate nothing like a night tarer to get your day started started. A quick check of my watch tells me if still got another 5 hours till we land. Thankfully the seat beside me is empty I finally waved at a flight attendant for a sandwich so I can take my other medication. I can't wait to be back on land.

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