Fallen crown

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Elena, the 37th princess to the Tosche line, is about to fulfill her destiny and be crowned as heir to the throne. But her half-sister, Chloe, has to ruin it all by placing an attack on the palace. Watch as Elena falls in love and starts to trust the others. But nothing is as it seems, and age-old supernatural secrets will be revealed. Will Elena get her true love, or will life take take that away too?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1:Elena’s POV

To my sister, who always doubted me writing a book. Well here it is.

“PRINCESS ELENNNAAAAA, WAKE UP, IT’S YOUR CORONATION DAY!” my personal maid, Charlotte, yelled while she opened up the curtains to let the blinding-white sunlight in.

“Leave me alone…” I groaned as I put a pillow over my head.

“Come on Princess” Charlotte sighs out. I reluctantly get up, because I know she’ll spill a bucket of cold water on me if I don’t. I hear Vanessa, my cel mai bun prieten, or in English, best friend, scream in horror as she sees me, my hair all tangled and everywhere.

“LENA WHAT IS THAT RAT ON YOUR HEAD?!” Vanessa shudders.

“Duchess, please wait outside while Princess Elena gets ready.” Charlotte says calmly.

“I will not wait outside! Today is the day that my bestie turns into THE HEIR TO THE THRONE!!” she squeals, forgetting about my hair for a second.

“Alright," Charlotte sighs, “just keep out of the way. You can help me pick out her outfit and accessories.”

Charlotte and Vanessa had somehow squeezed me into a beautiful light pink dress, it had lace all across the top and scattered across the bottom. It came with an equally beautiful lace corset. They styled my hair into a bang like thing that went across my scalp.

“Much better.” Vanessa and Charlotte sigh in unison. DING-DING-DING-DING

“THE CORONATION BELL!” we all scream.

“GO GO GO, I STILL HAVE TO GET READY!” Vanessa yells as she pushes me out the door.


I had been waiting 15 minutes for Duchess Vanessa. All the sudden my half-sister, Chloe, sashays in, WEARING MY COLOR! To be fair, it was much simpler than mine, so I let it go, taking it as an awful coincidence.

I absolutely despised Chloe from her dirty blond hair to her slightly tanned skin, because she was born from my father’s old mistress, who rightfully died while giving birth to the wretched girl, she used to be rude to me until father punished her for it. My mother was kind enough to let her stay in our palace, but she rarely liked to see her, for she said seeing her made her feel the pain of her husband cheating on her again.

Finally, Vanessa walks in, wearing a dark blue dress with gems covering the top that slightly revealed the tops of her breasts, a fashionable and still acceptable show of skin, and her light brown hair cascading down her tanned chest. She pushed Chloe out of the way. Me and Nessa both shared hate towards Chloe, but Nessa only didn’t like her because Chloe took her betrothed.

I don’t know how she did it because Nessa was much more beautiful, but I guess he was to greedy to resist a princess, even if she was the most despised one. “Do you see that smirk on her face, she’s planning something.” Nessa snarls.

“Oh no, I hope she doesn’t spill pumpkin lance on me again.” I say sarcastically, “Nessa it’s fine, my mother won’t let anything happen, especially on my Coronation day.”

“Well what if something does happen?” Nessa asks.

“Nothing will happen…but, if something magically does, well, lets just say there will be a whipping ceremony we will need to attend.” I say smirking while Nessa squeals in anticipation.

“Hello everyone, and welcome to Princess Elena Marze Toshce’s Coronation day.” Ugh the boring part has started. I may seem like a spoiled brat but if you had to listen to this about 60 times per year, you would be bored too, as all the villages had coronations for even the smallest apprenticeship, such as a fisherman, and I was required to be there as a way of slowly paying off the debt I owed them.

Long ago, when I was about 8 or 9 summers old, I was being chased by a mysterious wolf in the forest, it was a giant, with black eyes and a mysterious blue coat. As I neared a village, the steps shifted, so I turned around to see, to my horror, a big light-skinned man with blue hair now chasing me, his eyes a glowing violet color. He caught up to me just as I could see the town and I screamed in anguish as he tackled my tiny body. I heard a whistling noise and the man above me jerk and make a hissing noise before all was silent again.

I dared to look up and almost screamed again when I saw the man, now having brown eyes, staring lifelessly at me with blank eyes. I quickly pushed the body off of me and looked at the object sticking out of his leg. An arrow? A arrow to the leg killed this devilish man that could somehow turn into a wolf or man at will?

"It is silver tipped, and demons like him can only be killed with silver."a voice said randomly from behind me, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I turned around quickly, "W-what?" I saw a dark-skinned, bald man, who looked to be around 30 or 40 summers old.

He ignored my nervousness and held out his bow to me, "Would you like to try it? It's the finest in the land, or that's what the merchant told me at least." He chuckles. I shake my head sadly, my mother would never let me do anything boyish so to speak, and I tell him exactly that, but to my confusion, he just laughs.

"You would let a pompous queen control your every move just like that?" He lifted an eyebrow while I paled at the way he just insulted our queen, my mother.

He started to walk away, but I couldn't just let this opportunity pass, in reality I really needed to learn how to protect myself in case this happened again.

"Wait!" I yelled after him, and he just turned back to me, smiling widely, "I'll do it..."

"Great, practice starts now."

Ever since that day I have been paying him back by helping out the village any time I can, and quite honestly, no matter how much I complained, I loved it.

Anyone know who the wolf man was? No? Just wait you'll see, mwahahahaha. Lol

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