Fallen crown

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Chapter 9-Elena's POV

I was ashamed, I didn’t mean for them to find out like this. I hadn’t even tried to stop her, I just stood there like the weak fool I was. She had been talking to a maid the whole ride, but the maid eventually finished her hair, so my wretched half-sister turned to me, sneering. I glared back at her, but a slap to the face made me realize just how much I hated her.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the esteemed Elena, a filthy hybrid and coward who can somehow face the odds.” I grit my teeth, we both knew that the troops had placed me outside the castle. “You know I tried to make your death a peaceful thing, leaving you in the middle of nowhere, but apparently you have a knack for surviving unfortunately. Hm, I think I might have your execution public.” Her smile was very evil as she debated this.

I lowered my head as I thought about this, no one would want to save me after Chloe had revealed my secret. I kept the tears back, if I cried here she would only get more satisfaction. Chloe noticed something on my arm and started to pout.

“Aw the sword got you, guess your death will be a quiet, slow one.” she smiled at the end, obviously enjoying this. I looked down to see a small gash from where the sword had cut me, I rolled my eyes at Chloe, I would be-.

I suddenly felt extremely dizzy, my vision swirling into a black abyss. I heard Chloe giggle and felt myself hit the ground, before losing consciousness.

Joshua’s POV

The day was just getting worse and worse, first the queen was killed on my doorstep, then Snow...er… Elena was taken, now George was poisoned. I paced his infirmary room, trying to think how to turn this day around. Elena would have to wait till tomorrow, since-.

“ELENA!” George suddenly yelled and sat up. The pack-doctors quickly ran to his side, trying to calm him, but he wouldn’t listen. He suddenly looked at me, “She’s dying.” I could see the desperation in his eyes as he said this.

I guess I would rescue her today, I quickly told them to sedate him, and ran off into the forest towards the castle.

When I got there, I turned to wolf form, as it was that the palace guards were not very fond of werewolves. After I had snuck in, I crawled up into a balcony on the 6th floor. It seemed there was a high-ranking person living here as it was very fancy.

A picture on the wall put me in high alert, it was a picture of Elena with another girl her age, but darts had been thrown into it. I nearly didn’t see the person laying in the bed, and let out a ferocious growl when I did.

When they didn’t respond, I slowly moved forward, as I did I smelled something delicious. MATE I bounded forward and saw Elena with the most beautiful woman laying beside her. I stood staring at this black-haired beauty laying peacefully. All it took was for her to roll over and whimper to unleash my fury. On the side of her face were multiple bruises. Her arm bent at an awkward angle and the kitchen towel surrounding it told me that her arm had been broken. I could admire her later, right now I would kill the people who dared to even touch her.

My wolf had taken over, and as I cut through every soldier, my anger only grew as they started to run. How dare they hurt her and think they could evade punishment. Screams were surrounding me as the palace guard died one by one. My face was twisted in a wolf-like grin and my black eyes gleamed. As I got closer to the throne room, the guards got stronger and fought harder. I knew I was getting close to the one who had instructed them to hurt her. Even though my resolve stayed strong, my body was starting to tire, and it seemed the guards were endless. Eventually, my wolf left my body, so I had to do a quick retreat. The guards did not follow, as they were still aware of how many I had killed. I grabbed my human mate and Elena and ran, making a quick escape as there now were no guards at the entrance.

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