Fallen crown

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Chapter 10:Charlotte's POV

Don’t worry guys, I am totally gonna make a book about Charlotte and Joshua. It will not be officially included in the series, but will have Charlotte’s backstory. (I know your all like Yaasss lol)

I woke up surprisingly refreshed and warm, Weird, the palace guards usually beat me awake. I opened my eyes to see gold drapings on the windows. huh? I tried to get up, but something restrained me, I looked down to see an arm around me. I jolted up, who was this? I looked down to see a handsome boy who was my age, he had soft-looking brown hair. I slowly put my hand on it to see if it really was as soft as it looked. I jumped, as I put my hand on his hair, which was very soft, his ice-blue eyes shot open.

“S-s-sorry, um… I.” I stuttered to come up with an excuse. He smiled, which made me quiet down.

“What’s your name beautiful?” He said. My face reddened, but Elena stumbled in, saving the day. I rushed to her side, and she looked at me gratefully, then she looked between me and the man and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you giving poor Charlotte trouble?” She asked the man. They both smiled and he shook his head.

“Wait, you two know each other?” I asked, so people hadn’t just kidnapped us?

“Yep, my old friend Joshua.” As she said this, Joshua turned to her, a surprised look on his face.

“Excuse me, old?” He glared at her teasingly.

“Yeah, wow, I see so many gray hairs. What are you, 60?” She laughed as he ran to the bathroom to check his hair and turned to me.

“Was he causing you trouble?” She asked me with a serious look on her face. I quickly shook my head no, her highness had gotten scarier here, even though no one was there to punish others for her.

In all honesty, I liked that she had grown independent, as when I had started working at the palace she had just hid behind her status, so her parents and guards did her dirty work for her. I still remember the first day I starting working for the royal family, it was one of the unfortunate days that Chloe was being whipped.


I walked into the large foyer, to see a girl about my age, nine or ten summers, strapped to a pole with His Majesty whipping her. I was so very frightened as I had thought she was a servant and he would do that to me too. I looked behind the man to see another my age crying silently. I frowned and walked up to her.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me curiously but sadly.

"I-Its my fault she's being whipped, I couldn't keep my big mouth shut." She blubbered.

The King turned around from the girls cries and looked down at me in distain.

"You must be the new servant?" He grounded out.

"Y-yes." I looked up at him in pure terror, what if he would whip me or this girl beside me just for talking?

"I'm guessing you met my daughter, Elena?" My eyes widened, I quickly bowed to the girl who I now knew as my future queen.


A man came barreling in, and I screamed, thinking it was an assassin. Joshua came sprinting out of the bathroom. He pulled me away from Elena a and rolled his eyes at them. I looked back down at Elena and quickly turned red at the sight before me. The man and Elena were kissing feverishly, as if this was their last kiss.

I turned back around only to bump into Joshua’s chest, he snickered at my face and I slapped his arm. I suddenly felt closer to this strange man. I felt his arms wrap around me and felt this strange warmth within me. Was it.. happiness? I quickly shook my head and pushed him away, of course not, I have just met this man.

Thankfully, Elena had finished her activity with the man and stood back up shakily. She led us to the kitchen and we all argued for a while on who was going to cook. I felt at home, something I had never experienced.

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