Fallen crown

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Chapter 11:Elena's POV

Omg guys this is the last chapter. I feel like its too short, make sure to look at the 2nd book Fallen Legacy!

I smiled and touched my lips, Charlotte had won and was cooking. Much to Joshua’s frustration, she had denied him access to the kitchen. I woke out of my daze when George wrapped his arms around me.

“Still thinking about the kiss?” He teased. The kiss with him hadn’t been my first of course. My first kiss went to one of my guards, Sebastian was my first love but also my first heartbreak. My father found out and executed Sebastion, I still blame myself to this day about what happened to him.

George felt my sadness and cuddled with me, wiping the tears threatening to fall.

After we ate, it was just a normal, or as normal as a werewolf pack can be, day, but in the night, me and George finally showed our pent-up love and lust for each other.

Charlotte and Joshua had been slowly drifting closer after a couple of days and I was jealous as it took me and George months. I was also becoming irritable, the men in the house were all as confused as me, but every time I would get angry at Charlotte she would just smile widely and offer me some food. My stomach grew larger to my horror, and I thought it was from all the food Charlotte had been feeding me, but she sat me down and told me the fateful thing that changed my life, I was pregnant.

I decided to tell George the next day, though I was very nervous. I had heard of girls who’s fiancé had left them after they told them they were pregnant. I stepped into our shared room, shaking like a pup left in the snow. I looked up to see George staring at me cautiously, as sometimes I even got mad when someone looked at me. Concern and fear were in his eyes.

“G-g-george?” I stamper, nervous as to what his reaction will be.

He walks over to me slowly, “What’s the matter honey?”

“I-I’m pregnant….” I look up at him, terror in my eyes as I think about him leaving me.

He just stares at me in shock for a moment before he starts crying and hugging me. I’m so confused I start crying too.

“Please don’t leave me George!” I whimper out as I cry.

“I will never leave you baby” He kisses me and then keeps cuddling me as we just keep crying our eyes out.

George’s POV

I couldn’t believe it, I had been blessed with a baby and a beautiful mate to help nurture it. The day water came out of her stomach we quickly rushed her into our room and she gave birth to a beautiful set of twins, one a girl and the other a boy. They had my green eyes with her dark brown hair. The baby girl kept biting my hand and I knew when she grew up she would have an attitude like her mom.

The baby boy loved it in his mother’s arms and would cry every time we took him away to clean him. He would chew on his thumb and look up at me with cute eyes, I knew he would be a heartbreaker like me.

As I cuddled into bed with my mate and our babies, I knew I had made the right choice, coming to this territory.

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