Fallen crown

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Chapter 2:Elena's POV

1 hour later

“Princess Elena, please come up to claim your crown and legacy.” The master priest, Dorson, says as I go up to get my crown, almost jumping in excitement.

“Now if anyone obj-” The priest starts to say before Chloe annoyingly interrupts, “ME, I OBJECT GREATLY!” “Why is it that you object Miss Chloe?” he says as calmly as he can.

“Because I’M the rightful heir to the throne!” she says.


“How could you even say that.” Chloe wipes a fake tear away. “I am way better than that ungrateful Mädchen.” She snarls. Everyone gasps as they hear her speak German and my father curses while me and my mother glare at him, not only had he bedded another woman, he bedded a German, if we ever got done with this, I would have him tried for treason, as the Germans were our enemies. She then snaps her fingers and random guests stand up and unsheath their hidden swords and knives. “Stand down and you will live, or ‘try’ and fight for your life and Kingdom.” All the attackers go to mother and I hear her cry out multiple times. My guards kill four of the attackers before getting killed themselves and I get knocked out by the butt of a blade.

? hours later

I wake up groaning and rubbing the top of her head. “Geez, that dream sucked” I say, still groaning. I look down and just lay my head back down on the hard dirt. So it wasn’t a dream at all. I’ll have to go into town and change my outfit, at least with even one jewel off my dress I could pay for all I needed. Now I just need a ride to town, because I was injured on my arm, looks like about 4 stab wounds, and because I had no idea where I was or where town was from here. Now I just have to wait for a wagon to go by.

30 minutes later

Ughhhhh there’s been no wagons for what feels like hours.

Finally, there’s a wagon. I go up to it, and it’s just my luck that it’s a raider wagon, a wagon that steals from all the wagon it comes across, even heavily guarded royal ones.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t a pretty girl in an even prettier dress.” says a man on the raider wagon.

“Well, it used to be pretty at least.” Another one says.

“Which one; the girl or the dress?” a fairly pretty girl says from the back. They all cackle and laugh. I notice that the young boy reigning the horses was bringing them closer to me.

“How about you give me a ride and I’ll give you 8 gems.” I say, panicking a little, if they got close enough they could take my dress and just leave me stranded.

“Each.” the young boy says.

“Excuse me?”

“8 for each of us” he says really slow as if I was slow-minded. I stay silent, weighing my options. He must have taken my silence as a refusal because his tone was out of patience and had a warning in it. “That’s our final offer, either that or we just take your dress with us… without you in it.”

“Fine, 8 each it is.” I say tired of them and my raging headache from getting knocked out… wait “OH MY LANTHA, I ALMOST FORGOT, THE ATTACK ON THE PALACE!” I must’ve said it out loud because they all looked at me funny.

“Attack on the palace? Sorry to be burst your bubble, but no one would be stupid enough to attack the palace on the princess’s coronation day.” the man who was sitting next to the girl says.

“What John said is correct. Also there’s been no news of there being an attack, just that ‘Her Highness’ Princess Chloe has been crowned.” said the guy sitting next to the young boy.

“TANNER! You’re not supposed to tell her our names!” the girl says.

“Oh, uh…. HEY, you just said my name.” Tanner said.

“.....ummm...DID NOT” she said.




“NATASHA COME HERE RIGHT NOW.” the young boy yells and I cringe, wondering where this brusque side came from, while Tanner just smirks at Natasha.

“YOU TOO TANNER.” he says and Tanner makes himself smaller and slowly walks next to Natasha. I saw him lift up the reins and thought he was going to ride away without us, but when I saw him bring it down on their backs, I was horrified. Sure I had heard that the raider leaders mistreated their group, but I never knew it could become this extreme.

We get to town and I give them their stupid 8 gems each and buy myself a new outfit, I think I liked this one better.

I had to do my own hair, so it wasn’t nearly as perfect as how Charlotte made it. The raiders had been following me around, as if I owed them something, which I didn’t because I had already paid them their gems.

“What do you want” I finally snarl at them, done with their antics.

“A kiss” Tanner flutters his eyelashes at me like a weirdo.

“Your life” Natasha snarls back

“How about a thank-you?” John asks.

Liniște! how about your name?” the young boy asks.

“How about yours?” I say, genuinely curious but only asking to annoy him. He unexpectedly grabs me by the arm and snarls, “I know what you’re trying to do, girl, and its not gonna work.”

“Sheesh, someone has anger issues!” I grit through my teeth, even though his grip hurt my arm, fully realizing I was in danger with this dude. Even he chuckled at that and let go of my arm.

“Doamnă, come on, just tell us your name.”

I had to think fast because they were all watching me intently, and I couldn’t tell them my real name because even if they didn’t know I was the one who was supposed to be crowned, they’d still recognize the princess’s name. Er.. what should it be, what should it be..

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