Fallen crown

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Chapter 3:Joshuas's POV

We all just watched as she thought about her name. Why she had to think of her name, I don’t know. Finally, she says, “My name is Snow…. Snow…. Royal.”

“Snow Royal? Interesting name…” I say, skeptical of this new girl who looked strikingly familiar….

“HEY! I KNOW, THAT’S THE GIRL ON THE ROYAL WANTED POSTER… but... her name was different!” Tanner says, always the loud one.

“You vulcher, we already knew that.” John says.

“Ehm.. I didn’t, thank you Tanner for sharing that with me.” I say, a little sheepish.

Tanner and John start fighting like always and Natasha and I had to split it up. All of the sudden we hear a loud meow, and look over to see ‘Snow’ with her hands on her hips.

“Did… did you just meow?” John asks.

“Yes, it’s a better method of getting your attention then yelling, since you guys are already doing enough of that.” Snow says, with confidence only a member of the court would have.

“And you think we’re weird!” Tanner once again yells.

“That’s because you are weird.” Snow says, attempting to, and successfully angering Tanner.

“NO WE ARE NOT YOU freches Mädchen!” He yells, his anger making him call her an insolent girl in German. He goes in to punch her so we hold him back. I saw her flinch, but I don’t think it was about the upcoming punch, in fact it seemed she held back her strength. She recovers quickly, already getting the mischievous gleam in her eyes again.

“So, what’s your name doamnă?” She says, emotionless. If she was gonna lie, she shouldn’t expect me not to.

“My name… is Jacob.” I say unconvincingly. What had happened to my awesome lying skills? I see her peer at me through narrowed eyes, but then just shrugs it off.

“Well, Jacob, I better get going and so should you.” her voice had a no arguing tone, but since I’m a raider leader, I don’t take orders.

“I don’t think so.” I say harshly.

“Well I do.” she snarls.

She just walks off towards a horse stand, I stupidly thought she had given up, but she buys a beautiful midnight black stallion, and starts to walk away to where she could possibly get on.

We run after her just as she starts to climb on in an open pasture.

“GET BACK HERE!” I bellow, furious. I get angrier as her laughter glides in the wind as she leaves, weaving into my ear and mind.

Elena’s POV

I laugh as my hair flies in the wind while I’m riding my new horse, Georgia. She was taking me away from those men and the girl. I was so giddy, I didn’t realize someone was riding beside me until I felt them grab the reins, pulling me towards them. I look up to see what I had feared, Jacob.

Joshua’s POV

“Hello Snow.” I snarl. I was frustrated with myself and her. Frustrated with myself because I had let her get into my head and escape. Frustrated… no, FURIOUS with her because she had escaped and made me spend some gems so I could borrow a horse to go get her. I bet Natasha, John, and Tanner would doubt me on all my decisions now, but I’ll show them…

We get back to the town and she jumps off the horse, but stays where she is, not looking at me and crossing her arms.

“Let’s go.” I say taking her arm and pulling her along.

“Let go of me.” she says making an attempt to pull her arm out of my grasp, which was surprisingly strong.

I said LET GO.” she said, a highly authoritative tone to her voice, but when I don’t let go, she sighed, “I have to go to the bathroom” she mutters. She’s trying to run away I think to myself, rolling my eyes.

“Fine,” I say an idea going into my mind, “Natasha will go with you.”

She scowled, “I don’t need to be babysitted.”

“You kinda do.” Natasha says from behind me, smirking.

“Fine.” She snarls, glaring at me as she walks away with a smirking Natasha. I go into the boys bathroom and look at myself in the mirror at my brown hair and hard blue eyes. I was still the ruthless raider leader that I always was.

Don’t let her get into your head I think to myself. After a while I hear them come back out. I could hear laughing, so that was a good sign. All the sudden, the laughter is cut off and I run outside to see Natasha and a guy I’ve never seen making out. Snow looked at me and started making gagging motions and I had to hold in my laughter.

We got out of there and I noticed she was drenched with water. I looked up into the sky to see if it was raining or if rain clouds had already passed, but there wasn’t anything at all. “What happened?” I asked, curious if she would give me an answer.

“Nothing.” she snaps, practically growling it out.

“It doesn’t sound like nothing.” I say, amused.

“YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY.” She snarls, her anger showing as her eyes change- WAIT HER EYES CHANGED COLOR. Her eyes had changed from a deep brown to a light purple.

“Wow,” I say, mesmerized. Her eyes changed back and she looked confused for a second before shaking her head and getting angry again, but it was not as brilliant as before and her eyes hadn’t changed color.

“What.” she snaps out, frustrated with me.

“Nothing.” I say, smirking.

“Fine,” she says, walking away pouting.

“Crybaby.” I roll my eyes and walk out behind her. Angela, my ex, walks out of the bathroom and winks at me, I scoff and run to catch up with Snow.

Not that Angela wasn’t pretty, she had blonde hair and brown eyes and a great family. But she only wanted to be with me because of my money, and that’s just messed up.

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