Fallen crown

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Chapter 4:Joshua's POV

We finally got to the house using the horses we had bought for 2 gems, they were far from being as nice as Snow’s, but they were good enough. Me, Tanner, John, and Natasha’s house was a big 7-story house, with towers, it was basically a castle. Only the best for Alphas.

Natasha had given Angela a ride home since they were quote ‘besties’. Natasha had also gotten a new dress. Snow had begrudgingly told her that she looked good in it, I swear that woman is so stubborn.

Tanner had tried to talk to Snow the whole way, trying every trick in the book to flirt. “When you fell from heaven did it hurt.” he had tried once, but all he got was a slight blush from Snow, and a knock up the head from John. John tried some flirting too, unsurprisingly, “You look like an angel.” he said, and that got her to blush a lot more than Tanner.

It made me angry, knowing what they were going to do to her. This had happened multiple times before, they fought for a gullible girl and putty her up and when one won her, they would stay with her for about 2 days, then break their heart. She doesn’t deserve that, my wolf, Travis, whimpered, I was annoyed, Shut up, she is horrible and she does deserve it, after that he was silent. John was the more ruthless one and broke their hearts by cheating on them, so let’s hope if she has to pick one, she’ll pick Tanner. Or you. NO! I don’t want that! Yes you do. No I do not. Fine, I’ll let you live in arrogance, but soon you’ll realize I’m right. Yeah right. I realize everyone went inside except me. So I got up from the bench and went inside. I saw everyone had washed, John’s ice blue eyes gleaming and his black hair finally looked black and not dark brown! Tanner’s brown eyes finally matching his now brown hair!

Then, when I don’t see Snow, my mood drops. “Where is Snow?”

“Oh, she went to bed.” Tanner mumbled, focusing on a letter one of his past girls had sent him.

“Did you show her which room to go in?” I ask starting to relax.

“Er… no we just saw her go upstairs.” John said looking up from a scroll he was reading. That made my anger rise, why would they not watch her?

“And what if she escapes?” I snarl out. They look at me and pale at my face.

“Erm… She wouldn’t dare?” Tanner mumbles. I storm upstairs to see Snow sleeping peacefully in the guestroom. I sighed again and go to my room to just sleep, tired from having to haul Snow around all day.

Elena’s POV

I wake up yawning and see the drapes still covered over the windows. I’m not worried, sometimes Charlotte sleeps in on accident. But when I see the drapes are Gold instead of black and white patterns everything comes back.

I sigh and lay back down on my bed. Another day in the tâlhar household. I look down when I feel pain to realize claws are coming out of the tip of my fingers, I yelp in surprise and jump backwards, falling off the bed. Jacob comes running in, when he sees me on the floor he runs to me. He looks me up and down, and when he sees my bloodied hands he starts to panic, “Are you okay?!” he asks.

“I’m fine.” I whisper shakily, I’m scared, knowing he will run away when he sees my claws, but when I look down the claws are gone.

“What happened?” he asked. I try to come up with a plausible story, but nothing comes to mind.

“Erm, I accidentally reopened wounds.” I stumbled over the words, I hated lying, and this was already the 2nd one this week!

“Alright, there is lady clothes in the closet, you can take a bath and put on some of those, I’ll bandage you up after.” He says and then leaves. I run into the huge closet and look at all the lady dresses, they’re so pretty!

I decided to put on a dark teal dress, the sleeves two pieces of fabric hugging my shoulders and the skirt floor length with a thin see-through overlay.

I am loving this place! I decided to go outside. I get a very strong whiff of something that smells delicious. I go towards the smell and start to feel my bones crack and rejoin, I try to scream but nothing happens, then it stops. I try to scream again, but all I hear is a piercing howl. Someone tried to sneak up behind me, but failed as I could now somehow hear everything in a six mile radius. On instinct I turn around and snarl, and see no one. I sit down and look around, watching around me.

All the sudden I get tackled by another wolf, his eyes are a gold color and his fur is pitch black. I look him in the eyes and a part of me that I never knew about screeched, “MATE!”

After my little mind comment, the wolf comes barreling towards me once again only this time skids to a stop right in front of me and starts licking my face. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my head that was definitely not mine. Mate? The voice says, My name is George and I am the beta of the Monsoon pack. He then looks expectantly at me. What? Do I have something on my face? I ask after a long stretch of silence. Your name? Oh…. right… My name is Snow… Snow Royal... Wow, I even lied to this man whom I was feeling very close to. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced to lie to him, I don’t know why. I hear a snarl from George and the voice in my head turns angry. Don’t you dare lie to me mate!. I wasn’t lying, I lied once again, feeling worse. That was a mistake, as right after George knocks me over onto my side and lays on me, snarling, I know when you’re lying my little mate. I hear a door open and whimper, all I can do to ask for help. I hear a snarl as whoever opens the door comes closer, I look up to see Jacob again, this time his expression angry.

“GET OFF OF HER YOU ROGUE!” Jacob yells swatting at George. As George is distracted, I run inside quickly and lay down on the couch. I hear someone run in and close the door quickly, I look up and it’s Jacob.

“Oh… there you are girl.” he walks closer and I snarl on instinct. He starts to walk slower up to me and holds up his hands so I can see them. I shouldn’t have kept my focus on him only

because all of a sudden someone grabs me from behind and I yelp, struggling to get out of their grasp. I start to hear a banging on the back door and snarling. I bite the arm holding me, successfully making them let go.

“Are you sure she’s a shifter? She could just be a regular wolf.” Tanner says, he must have been the one to grab me, because he had his arm cradled against his body.

“She whimpered at me when a male rogue was snarling at her, no she-wolf would let them pin her down like that.” Jacob says, I watch him intently, my head turning sideways in order to look directly at him.

“Look how her eyes gleam with intelligence, she is definitely a shifter.” They got me to sit on the couch and then they both looked at me intently, making my wolf uncomfortable since they weren’t her mate. All the sudden she disappears and I am in extreme pain again as my bones crack and rejoin, this time into my natural form as a human. They both looked at me in surprise.


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