Fallen crown

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Chapter 5:George's POV

I had finally found my mate! She was beautiful with chocolate colored fur and violet eyes. I was so excited, but it seemed like she wasn’t, she just looked at me all confused, so I had decided to talk to her. Mate? I asked nervously, I wondered if she would like me. My name is George and I’m the Beta of the Monsoon pack. I looked at her, waiting for her to tell me her name and position in her pack, but she just stayed silent. After a long uncomfortable silence she blurted out, What, do I have something on my face? If I was in my human form I would have laughed right now, but I told the poor girl what I wanted. Your name? Oh… right... My name is Snow…. Snow Royal… I could hear the lie in her voice and feel her guilt through the matebond. I got angry, how dare she lie to me, the beta of the Monsoon pack and her mate. Don’t you dare lie to me mate, I snarled. She dared to lie to me again by saying, I’m not lying, her guilt was stronger now and my anger could not be held in. I tackled her and snarled, hating how she could easily lie to me, mind the guilt, but that was probably forced by the matebond. I know when you’re lying my little mate. A door opens and my mate whimpers at the person. I snarled at the man, this was MY mate and no one could take her away from me. The man looks at my mate and quickly tries to shoo me away yelling about some rogue. I look around, where was the rogue? I then realize he’s talking to me and snort, only to realize my mate had escaped. I grumble and walk away, I hear him run inside and a yelp from my mate soon after. I run into the door, trying to break it down to save my mate. All of a sudden I smell her. I stop and sit, taking in the glorious smell of cinnamon, but then growl lowly when I realize my mate is human in front of a human man. I quickly changed into my human form. I had pitch black hair and dark green eyes that girls said they could get lost in.

How am I going to get in? I then realize that the man had left the door unlocked and smiled, thanking god for the man’s stupidity. I stealthy walk in, watching as my mate walks up the steps and silently follow her.

Elena’s POV

“So… You’re a werewolf?” Jacob asked again. I was annoyed because I didn’t know, so I stood up and walked upstairs. I walked into my closet and picked out a dress that was sleeveless with gems across the top and belt area, with the color being a fading white to blue.

I once again do my own hair. I think I was getting better at it. I turn around and see a person sitting on my bed, looking out my window. I sigh “Jacob, what do you want?”

A deep voice calls out, “Last time I checked, my name is not Jacob.” and the man looked up at me. I gasp when he grabs me, sparks going all over.

“Mate.” he says softly, cuddling me. I lean into his touch, suddenly I realize that I’m cuddling with a stranger! I pull away quickly, a whine rising from the voice in my head. Mate my inner self whines. Get yourself together, we don’t even know him But he’s our mate! Who cares? I do! Whatever, I’m making him leave. I roll my eyes and look over at George and see that he’s staring at me, a smile on his face. I raise an eyebrow at him, questioning his stalkerish actions.

“What, I can’t look at my mate?” he asks innocently. I roll my eyes.

“Whatever. What are you doing here anyways?” I say tiredly, laying down and looking at the ceiling.

“I saw you run in here and wanted to see you in your human form.”

“That’s not creepy at all” I quickly walk to the door and open it.

“What!” he whines, while slowly walking to the door. I see he left a pendant so I point to it. “Take what’s yours and leave.” I say politely. A gleam goes into his eyes and he slowly walks to the bed and picks up the pendant. What is he doing? Being cute Oh shut it already He quickly grabs his pendant and runs out of the door, dragging me into his arms and then onto his shoulder.

“Help! KIDNAP! SOMEONE FREAKING HELP!” I scream as he runs out of the door. I watch as they watch me being kidnapped helplessly.

Joshua’s POV

I was talking to Tanner about pack border security when I smelled the scent of an intruder. Suddenly I heard screaming from an unknown voice, it was definitely fenimine, so I was guessing it was one of John’s exes coming to yell at him. I focus back on Tanner, he was all fun and games, but he could be serious when he wanted to.

All of a sudden the screaming comes closer and I see Snow on the shoulder of some male, from the scent I was guessing the rouge earlier. “Help! KIDNAP! SOMEONE FREAKING HELP!” I heard Snow scream as he ran out the door. I was in so much shock, that I just stared until they went out of sight. Finally realizing the situation, I bark orders to the border patrol, telling them no one goes in or out until I see them and let them pass. Not even 2 minutes after, I get a call about a man trying to gain admittance out with his crying so-called ‘wife’. I quickly went to the scene and saw the rouge man arguing with my border patrol officers. They try to hide their fear as he keeps talking until I hear one of the guards speak to him.

“Mister Beta… I have called the Alpha so he should be here soon.”

“Why should I stay? I get he likes to greet his guests from other packs but this is only a quick trip and I need to get back to me and my wife’s pack.” The man says. I see the guards cringe more and decide to spare them and come out of the shadows.

“Beta huh? Of what pack exactly? The rogue pack?” I growl. The rogue turns to me and rolls his eyes.

“No, I am actually the beta of the Monsoon pack.”

“What are you doing in my territory then? The Monsoon pack is on the western sea.” I say bluntly, eyeing Snow who was now struggling to get out of the beta’s arms.

“I…. um… I really do not know… Can I go now?” The beta was now shifting nervously, trying to readjust Snow who was now almost out of his hold.

“Release the girl.” I growl again. When he becomes more nervous but doesn’t release Snow, I nod to the guards.

“Gib mir das Mädchen und bring ihn in die Kerker.” I tell the guards to take Snow and bring the beta to the dungeons. They quickly follow my orders, and separate Snow and the beta. Snow, now away from the beta, runs into my arms. The beta starts snarling at me and struggling, and Snow snuggles deeper into me in fear. As he sees this, the beta stops snarling and looks at Snow in a dejected way as my guards drag him away.

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