Fallen crown

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Chapter 6:George's POV

As the border guards drag me away, I watch as my mate hugs the alpha in fear, and I whimper sadly. I had scared my mate, the one I was supposed to care for and love. A guard looks at me guiltily.

“Aw c’mon can we please release the poor man? He just lost his wife.” The guard said while looking at me guiltily.

“You idiot, that wasn’t his wife. That’s why we are taking him to the dungeons.” The other guard said, glaring at the first guard. So that’s what the alpha said in that language. After I realize this my wolf, Killian, whimpers, Mate… We’ll be okay. Sometimes… okay most of the time, Killian was malicious, but all he wanted right now was his love.

All of a sudden Killian starts to growl, and as I see the stairs that lead down to the dungeon he starts to snarl. Suddenly, he takes control, making my eyes gold, and tears out of the guards’ grip.

“MATE.” Killian snarls and runs towards the stairs, this time the ones that lead inside the house. As I/he runs through the doors and into the house, he disregards the alarm blaring in the background and follows the scent of his mate. He finds her getting cornered by a male with black hair and blue eyes. He doesn’t think twice when their lips touch and tackles the male and throws him outside the room.Then proceeds to close the door and hug his mate while making a purring noise. When his mate pushes him away he whimpers. He gets on his knees with his head drooped. He finally lets me take back control with a whimper Mate angry.

I look back up to see Snow backed into a corner looking terrified. Look at what you did I say to him. Killian yelps and quickly takes back control to turn me into a wolf. He drops his ears and slowly walks up to his mate. When he is in front of her, he pushes his muzzle into her hand and whimpers lowly.

Suddenly he feels his mate’s hand slowly petting him and pushes his head further into her hand. She stops and her heart rate increases and she breathes harder in fear. He realizes his mistake and sits, gently pushing his head into her hand again. When she starts petting him again, he only purrs in contempt. She stops petting him, so he licks her hand to tell her to keep doing it, but all she does is giggle a little and walk to her bed. He follows her silently, even jumping onto the bed when she does.

His mate gently pushes him off the bed and laughs, “No dogs on the bed!” He wanted to be near her so he turned human and crawled onto the bed. Her eyes widen and she quickly drags him out of the room, “No boys in my room”

He grumbled, “What about other boy?” She narrows her eyes at him. He whimpers and hugs his mate while on his knees, “Don’t be mad mate, I’m sorry.” You do know she doesn’t think she’s your-

“I am not your mate! Whatever that is…” She growls out and pushes him away and slams the door. Killian sits outside the room sadly, his head drooping. After about 10 minutes he lets me take back control.

You okay buddy? I ask and Killian whimpers before answering Want mate Its okay buddy, just give her some time to adjust Goodnight George… Goodnight Killian. That night I fell asleep against her door.

Elena’s POV

I wake up and shudder, remembering the events from last night. I had heard a knock on the door and opened it to reveal John. I hadn’t thought of any reason for it except that he had come to check on me, so I let him in.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” I say to reassure him, and get him out of here as quickly as possible. He hugs me suddenly and I just stand there in shock, then his hand moves lower and I quickly push him away. He fake smiles at me.

“C’mon girl I know you want me too.” He grits out, cornering me.

“John… don’t. I don’t even know you.” I say, my voice shaking in fear. He doesn’t listen and kisses me, I just stand there in shock. Out of nowhere, John gets thrown out the door and a loud growling sound is heard. I shrink back into the corner when the stranger from earlier shuts the door and turns toward me, his eyes glowing gold. He hugs me and makes this weird noise, almost like a… purr? I quickly push him away and he looks at me sadly, his eyes changing to their original sea green color. Wait… how is that possible? of course my annoying other voice had to make some weird comments after I thought about my question, Mate strong and then she had the audacity to purr like wtf.

The beta’s eyes turn gold before he turns into a wolf, which makes me more afraid. How did he do that? I close my eyes tightly until I feel something soft and furry pushing into my hand. I look down to see the wolf pushing his snout into my hand while making puppy eyes at me. Aw I can’t resist that cuteness. I started petting him slowly, until he moved unexpectedly, I shrink back in fear, what if he tries to kill me now. He looks guilty at me and slowly puts his head back in my hand. I start to pet him again and he starts to make that purring sound again. I thought only cats purred? I stop petting him because I see it’s already night. He licks my hand and I giggle at the vicious looking but sweet wolf.

I walk to my bed and the wolf follows me, jumping onto the bed when I lay down. Such a cutie Told you my inner voice says smugly. I roll my eyes and gently push the gold-eyed wolf off the bed.

“No dogs on the bed.” The wolf then turns into a human and gets back on the bed and I just stare in shock for a minute before taking him and dragging him out of the room. How did I manage that? He looks to be 6’5 and 180 pounds… Woah I got some muscles. I look at the man before me at my room’s doorstep.

“No boys in my room.”

“What about other boy?” He says grumpily. Wait a second… I narrowed my eyes at him. Was he the one that threw John away? His eyes widen and he quickly walks toward me on his knees and hugs me. Now I’m only 5’6 so his head was on my upper-stomach as he hugged me.

“Don’t be mad mate, I’m sorry.” He says, his voice trembling a bit. I felt happiness when he called me that for some reason. Why does he keep calling me that?

I push him away and grumble “I am not your mate! Whatever that is…”, frustrated with him and my weird emotions. I close the door and lay in my bed for a while, hearing something like whimpers on the other side...

I decided that I would wear some hunting gear today, I wore black pants, an armour type top, lastly my bow and arrows and some military riding boots.

I opened the door to jump back, the man opened his eyes quickly from his new position on my floor. He scrambles onto his feet, his cheeks reddening.

“I-uh...hi.” he stutters out and I nod at him. He suddenly hugs me, his face nuzzling into my neck. After he pulled back, it was my turn to redden. “Sorry uh… you just smell really good.” He picks me up and I squeal in surprise. Jacob is in front of us immediately and pulling me into him. The man doesn’t like this as he snarls at Jacob savagely. He snatches me back to him and hugs me tightly. I feel as though someone takes control of my body. I feel myself make that weird purring noise, snuggling into the man.

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