Fallen crown

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Chapter 7:George's POV

Her wolf taking control took me by surprise. One moment I pulled into my chest and she struggled, the next I felt her purring and snuggling against me. I looked down to see purple eyes staring at me. The alpha looks at her and sighs. I decided I would embrace her wolf’s control. I kissed her and she immediately responded, but in a way I did not expect. She quickly pushed me away, her now-brown eyes glaring at me. The alpha’s growl turns into a booming laugh. Although her glare makes him stop. She stomped away, and I couldn’t help but think she was cute when she was angry. I heard the front door slam shut, me and the alpha share an amused look. Just in case, he calls the border patrol, who gave us frightening news. Someone had killed the patrol on the east side, had taken my mate and was heading through the forest. We quickly changed and ran through the forest, we both became anxious as we started smelling werewolf blood. The next sight made me the proudest man alive.

Snow was standing on the top of a tree branch, her bow out, dead bodies surrounding her. She aims her bow at us and grumbles about stupid boys. I look at the bodies and blanch when I realize it was wolves from my pack. Even as we change back she keeps the bow on us.

“You said you come from the Monsoon pack, correct?” she growls out. You could see the hurt in her eyes and there was no move from her wolf to stop her from killing me.

“Yes, but-” I start, but she quickly interrupts me.

“Interesting, these men said they were from the monsoon pack too.” I can see her slowly draw back the arrow. She lets go of the arrow, but before it hits me, the alpha pushes both us to the ground and I hear two hisses, one from the alpha and one from his shoulder. I look at his shoulder and see a burn mark. I then look at the arrow and pale when I realize the arrowhead was pure silver. It would have killed me instantly, even if she had missed something vital. I look up to see Snow on the ground and start to run to her until the alpha yells for me to stop.

“She’s trying to trick you.” He hisses out. Snow groans and rolls over, I can’t stop myself and run over to her. Our roars all blend together, but for different reasons. Mine was in pain and Snow roars in fury as she stabs me in the leg, while the alpha’s was as a warning.

“How does it feel to be betrayed?” She snarls at me, her wolf rising to the surface.

“I-I didn’t betray you.” I pant through the pain, at least this was only an iron knife and not a silver one. Her purple eyes show her fury and she starts the process of shifting but stops suddenly and her eyes turn back to brown and calculating.

“Let’s go, Lily is very keen on killing you, and I don’t think you want her to get what she wants.” She walks back. Leaving the alpha and me to struggle our way back. He took the time to ask me whether or not I would want her imprisoned for this, seeing as they were members of my old pack. I told them no, its not like they would know anyways.

I was very wary of Snow after we got back and I was fixed up, but Killian loved her more now. MATE MATE WANT MATE he would yell for hours on end. Snow wouldn’t even look at me, and that was torture for him. One night, he had enough, and took control as I slept.

Killian’s POV

I would find mate. Mate mine. I look in mate’s room. She sleeping and look so pretty. I crawl into her bed and snuggle with her. George would be mad at me for taking control of body but it was okay for now, since I with mate.

George’s POV

I wake up and blink my eyes, my surroundings unfamiliar. I look down to see brown hair and pale. She or the alpha would kill me if they saw Killian had sneaked me into her bed. I try to scoot out of her grip, but it tightens and I feel something sharp starting to dig into my back.

“You think I will let you escape?” She hisses out. She then makes a choking noise and whispers something that sounded like “run”. I jumped up and ran to the door, I could tell she was fighting with her wolf, her talons digging into her head as she curled up.

I look between freedom and her a few times before running to her and holding her. I tug her hands away from her head. She snarls and struggles, trying to bite me. She relaxes after a few hours and starts to sob. I felt bad for her, my wolf never tried to fight me, so I never experienced this myself, but it seemed it was extremely painful. She hugs me, but this time, brown is the color I see when she looks up at me.

“Thank you.” She looks at the ground shyly. The alpha walks by and stares curiously at us.

“Anytime honey.” I whisper into her ear, turning her red in just a few seconds and making me laugh. Everyone was happy, I could even see her wolf smiling in her eyes.

We were on good terms after that, she even sort of smiled at me as she saw me in the sprawling mansion’s hallways. One day, a knock on the front door sends us into alert silence.

“By the order of Queen Chloe, I order you to open this door, you filthy hybrids.” I look outside my window to see about 16 uniformed army-men. Me and Joshua, he had told me his real name only a few hours ago, went downstairs to check out what was happening. I open the door to become face-to-face with the foul smelling platoon.

“You have no right coming onto my land.” Alpha Jod growls out, his eyes turning the black most alphas have in their wolf form. The platoon shrinks back a bit, but then the leader, I could tell because of all ‘his’ medals, probably stolen, shoves forward a ragged woman. This woman being here must’ve been a shock to the alpha as his eyes opened really wide in surprise.

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