Forced Love

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“Ariel, we also have a secret we’ve been keeping from you.” Upon my questioning look, Darius continues. “Our fathers run the biggest mafia in the world. And they’re handing down their reign to us shortly.” I freeze. My first instinct is to laugh, but one look at them tells me they’re not joking. “You’re probably wondering why we’re telling you this. Because we are to be kings, and we need a queen.” Dylan admits. “Wait, what?” I ask. “You can’t possibly mean me. We’re best friends, not lovers!” I exclaim. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s how you see it. But allow me to make plain what almost everyone knows- we’re in love with you. We have been for years. Since middle school.” Darius counters. I sputter, not knowing what to say. “No! You fuck different girls every weekend!” “And we imagine every single one of them being you. Especially the ones we both fuck at the same time.” Dylan informs. I shake my head. No, this is a dream. This has to be a dream. My best friends are not perverted like that! A sob escapes me. “Shhhh, it’s okay, princess. We’ll take such good care of you. Any and everything you want will be yours. Not only every need, but every want you have will be met.” Darius assures me. "Get the fuck out," I whisper. They both chuckle before speaking simultaneously. "No."

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

Ariel POV


“Ow! Darius, you know I don’t like it when you smack my butt!” I say, scolding one of my two bestest friends.

“But your ass is so smackable!” my other best friend, Dylan, says walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You guys know the way you act makes us look like a trio couple?” I point out, only thinly veiling my annoyance.

“But of course, princess. You’re all ours” Dylan says, squeezing my waist and planting a large kiss on my cheek.

It’s true, to any onlooker who doesn’t have the inside scoop- it looks like Darius and Dylan are madly in love with me and that we’re in a loving relationship. But in reality? We’re just ridiculously close friends.

They’re also stupid protective over me, and I know that they have no problem with others thinking I’m with them so that people don’t come for me.

But I know better than to provoke them and start an argument with them by saying that I’m not theirs. I love them too much.

“Come on, guys, let’s go to class.” I say instead.

The three of us have been best friends since diapers, and are now seniors in high school. Graduation is only a week out, which is absolutely devastating to me. I’ll truly miss this school. But I still have Prom to look forward to. Prom is this Saturday, and graduation is Sunday. Apparently the Saturday before graduation was the only open date for the venue we used.

As usual, I slip one of my arms in each of theirs, and we head off to class. When we get to the doorway I see my boyfriend, Tyler, standing at the door and holding a rose. Once he notices me he smiles widely and extends it.

“For my lovely and beautiful girl” he says.

I fucking love this about Tyler. It’s a common occurrence that he’ll get me something small or do something that brings a smile to my face.

I grin widely at him and let go of my best friends in order to hug him and give him a little peck on the lips.

“I love you, baby.” He tells me before squeezing my butt and walking into the classroom with me.

Yeah, pretty much everyone’s obsessed with my ass. Darius and Dylan smack it jokingly on occasion, and Tyler likes squeezing it.

Not only that, though. Tyler loves pretty much every and anything with my ass.

I’ve never gone all the way with anyone, but I’ve done a lot. Tyler can get a bit kinky sometimes, and will tie me down when he’s eating me out or spank me if I’m teasing him too much and being a “bad girl”. It’s a huge turn on, and hot as fuck.

What can I say? I’m a closeted sub. And have no shame about it, either.

I don’t know at what point Tyler and I will go all the way, but I think it’ll be soon. I really care for the boy.

Darius POV

Ariel and Dylan are the two people that keep me going. My parents fucking suck, and failed to raise me. Dylan’s family is the same, and so is Ariel’s- though she’ll never admit it. No, she just pretends that it doesn’t bother her that her parents are rarely home.

All of our parents are also almost always traveling for work. That’s actually how we initially got close. All six of our parents are great friends with each other, and ended up hiring one nanny to take care of Ariel, Dylan, and me. It wasn’t for lack of money, more for wanting all three of us to have friends around.

That’s the only thing I’m grateful to them for. Because of them Dylan is in my life, as well as the love of my life- Ariel.

Both Dylan and I are madly in love with her, though she is for some reason oblivious to that. It breaks both of our hearts, but we know we’ll have her soon. Unfortunately it will be by force, but everything will be fine. We’ll take a few months to break her into becoming ours, and only then will we truly be a happy couple.

We plan on taking her away right after graduation. The three of us are going on our senior trip together to Ireland. It’s been all of ours dream destination since forever.

What Ariel doesn’t know is that Dylan and I ended up purchasing the mansion we’ll be staying in, in the middle of nowhere. It’ll be one of our new homes.

Dylan and I’s families are the leader of the biggest mafia in the world. Their legacies will be handed down to him and I not long after graduation. That’s another reason why we so desperately need Ariel, because she is going to be our wife and the bearer of our children.

For the last week of high school, however, I’m just going to have to be content watching her and being just friends with her.

The way Dylan and I have gotten by the last several years is by fucking girls ridiculously often and pretending that they’re Ariel. Our beautiful little Ariel…

Both Dylan and I watch her every move as she sits next to her fucking boyfriend Tyler.

We hate that she has a boyfriend that isn’t us, but tolerate him since he doesn’t ask questions about our relationship with her. He also treats her well enough.

Not as well as we will treat her, but enough that we let him live. Which is pretty big, since we have no qualms torturing and killing people.

In fact, we love torture. And killing. We’re sort of… Sadists.

There are times when we’ll double team a girl, only to tie her down and torture her to death afterwards. But that’s rare. We mainly focus on torturing the fuck out of enemies of our family’s and our mafia.

Being in the mafia, we have to blow off steam somehow. I like to use knives and intricately carve people up, and Dylan enjoys blunt force trauma, so hammers and various tools similar.

We also have a team of scientists who mess around with various poisons and substances to get an enemy to talk. We have several fantastic serums created. One of them causes ridiculous pain in the subject for 48 hours, and the pain only subsides if they take the antidote. The pain in no way effects them long term, but is intolerable. Another one induces hallucinations of the subjects greatest fears and worst memories. And the last one, and best in my opinion, is a truth serum. Though I would rather beat the truth out of someone, sometimes we need information- and fast- so we just shoot them up with it.

Yeah, Dyl and I are fucked up beyond measure. And Ariel is our only stability.

She’s ours forever.

Dylan POV

So. Fucking. Perfect.

And so fucking innocent.

And so fucking ours.

She’s the most gorgeous girl ever to have walked the earth, and I will worship her for the rest of time along with Darius.

Our beautiful little Ariel.

Both Darius and I are pretty intense dominants, and we both have long lists of wild fantasies we intend to play out with our princess.

The thing about us and bdsm, though, is that we pretty much do… everything that a dom could do. We’ve both had a lot of experience with DDLG, and definitely plan on having some of that happening with Ariel. Along with that we are experts in all things bondage, we know how to keep a girl screaming for hours on end, and we know how to make pain pleasurable.

Though we both generally enjoy inflicting copious amounts of pain, with Ariel we want to inflict copious amounts of pleasure.

I know that Darius is watching her just as intently as I am, both of us playing out fantasy after fantasy in our heads. She’s ridiculously hot. Like… ridiculously hot. I get hard just looking at her. I want to fuck her in every position known to mankind.

This Friday she has a dance recital which Darius and I are going to together. She’s captain of the dance team, and the most flexible girl on it. She falls easily into a split, and when the three of us are together doing homework, she often studies in a split. It gets both of us rock fucking hard.

Today we’re hanging out after school, and I can’t wait. Another way I know she’s perfect for us is that even though she has a boyfriend, she makes time for us almost every day. She has also broken up with other guys because they didn’t like how close the three of us were.

After the bell rings both Darius and I sulk slightly because we don’t have any more classes with her today. We have to wait several hours to spend time with our little kitten.

Kitten. Princess. Angel. Love. Baby. Babygirl. Sweetheart. Honey. Darling. Babe.

She’s all of those things to us and more.

I readjust my pants to conceal my quickly growing erection. I wonder how I’ll fit my dick inside of her. I’ll definitely get past her cervix with my 11-inch monster cock. Darius is also 11 inches. We’ll stretch out our baby girl real good.

The rest of classes crawl by, until it’s finally lunch time.

Walking into the cafeteria I see a sight that makes me shake with anger.

Tyler has set up balloons all over the cafeteria, and has a huge sign on a wall that says “To my beautiful little mermaid… Prom?”

And an entire cafeteria table is piled with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals. He really thought this through. Motherfucker.

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