True Devotion - Book 3

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Trixie has a complex past. Taggert’s my childhood best friend. Their paths cross again, but this time it’s different. Can their devotion for one another survive? © 2020 Breanne Bergie. All Rights Reserved.

Romance / Drama
Breanne Bergie
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Chapter ONE ~ The Pact

TRUE Series:

True Bliss - Book 1

Truly Undercover - Book 2

True devotion - Book 3

Walking through the fields I can feel the warm summer breeze on my bare arms. My hands reaching out and lightly touching the field as I walk by. Looking around at the wildflowers surrounding me. This field has always been mine and my best friend’s favorite spot. Being eleven has turned out to be exciting. My parents have given me more freedom and independence. It’s such a dominant feeling.

“Trix, what do you think about this spot over here?” Taggert said as he pulled on my arm and gathered me close. Looking towards the spot, he picked. It’s a beautiful view with the sun beaming onto the field and the flowers colours looking as radiant as ever.

“This is perfect…” I whispered as Taggert smiled over my shoulder.

“All right, then. Let’s go!” Taggert exclaimed in excitement.

He pulls me along with the biggest smile on his face. His dark hair shining in the sunlight as it catches it. I’ve never seen him happier. It makes me excited, but nervous all at the same time.

Today, Taggert and I decided to make a pact. More like a promise and we’re on our way to make it official. A bond we will share for the rest of our lives. I figured, why not? Taggert and I have been close since we were small kids. Being only a year apart in age and living next door to one another. Spending pretty much everyday together since. Our bond has been unbreakable. We’re inseparable. So why not?

“Tag, slow down!” I exclaimed. “You’re pulling so hard on my arm and it’s starting to hurt.”

“I’m sorry, Trix. I didn’t mean to.” Taggert says as he looks back at me and frowns. “I’m just excited. You’re my best friend and you mean so much to me. This is kinda like a way we can never be separated.”

“I know you are and I am too. I just feel nervous for some weird reason.” I said.

We’ve now reached the spot and Taggert reaches down into the grass. Pulling out a thick and green piece from the ground. He raises it up and holds my hand. I no longer feel that nervous anymore. Instead, I feel a comfortable calm come over me.

“Don’t be, Trix. We’re best buds and it’s kinda like we’re making it official. Nothing can ever come between us.” Taggert said.

He holds up the piece of grass and ties it around my finger. The same finger I’ve seen my mamma wear her wedding ring on. Joining her and daddy together for life.

“Trix, this is a promise to be with each other always. A promise that we are forever unbreakable. A promise to one day get married if we are alone. I never want you to be alone.” Taggert says lovingly as he looks at me and I feel my heart flutter in my chest.

“I don’t want you to be either, Tag. We are inseparable, and we always stay that way.” I said smiling.

We’re both smiling at one another and suddenly Taggert kisses my cheek. Ever so softly. I feel heat rise towards my cheeks as he pulls his head away. He’s still smiling and holding my hand in his.

“Best friends forever.” Taggert said.

“Forever…” I whispered.

The drive is taking much longer, heading home after work. I can’t wait to get there and put up my feet after a long shift of bartending. The nights have been long at Club LAVISH ever since my friend Sasha quit and I miss her more than ever. Knowing how happy she is makes it worth it. Those little babies make it worth it. Sasha is now a mother of twins and I’m Auntie Trixie. The thought makes my heart smile.

As I pull into my driveway and go to get out of my vehicle. Looking at Lyla and Frank’s house next door. I see them outside on their front porch. Waving to them as I head inside. Once inside, I drop my purse and keys on the nearby table. Immediately sitting on the couch and putting my legs up.

“That’s more like it…” I sighed to myself as I rested my aching body. As I listen to the silence surrounding me and start to drift asleep.


My eyes dart open at the sound and my body jolts into action. Grabbing the nearby bat from the wall close by. As I clench the bat tightly in my grasp, flashbacks happen. Remembering my ex grabbing me by my hair and throwing me to the floor. Beating and hitting me until I couldn’t speak. Kicking at me while lying helpless on the floor.

All for what? A broken glass? A mistake I made or trying to call my parents.

Snapping back into reality and forcing the thoughts of Danny from my mind. I stroll towards the noise in the kitchen. Wondering if my house is being robbed.


The creaking is getting louder as I come closer. I’m around the doorway now. Against the wall, waiting to lunge. Waiting for the right opportunity to strike. I won’t be left defenceless. I will be no one’s victim again. As I lunge forward, coming around the corner and swinging the bat. I can hear a scream, but it doesn’t stop me.

“Ah!” A man cried out.

Authors Note

*WARNING* This book contains some scenes of Domestic Violence.

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