The girl that fell in love with an alpha

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Stacy an her brother planned a trip to North Carolina so they could spend time together. But something disturbing happens where a strange man is following them . In the middle of their trip stacy and her brother got separated and she met a man and found out that he was an alpha and slowly but surely she fell in love with him .

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1 being followed by a mad man

Me and my brother are planning to go on a trip to North Carolina, we booked out hotel room and plane tickets. Our planne leaves tomorrow so we started packing our stuff for tomorrow's trip. The next morning we woke up and got ready to leave, as we were waiting for taxi I remembered i left my phone in my room. As I ran up stairs to look for my phone I couldn't find it anywhere, when I turned around my brother stood at the door with my phone in his hand.

"Looking for something ?" He asked with a grin on his face , I gave him a death stare and ran after him " Justin give me back my phone right now !" I said very angrily. "Okay Stace calm down no need to get angry " as he gave me my phone back he had a grin on his face "I don't have time for you're childish games Justin, so grow up you are not a little boy anymore you're 20 years old , so act like one "

"You are 20 years old so act like one " he said mockingly

A few minutes later the taxi arrived. "Stacy the taxi is here so grab you're stuff and let's go " I quickly grabbed my stuff and put it in the trunk of the taxi and got in at the back seat. As we arrived at the airport we got our stuff and got on the plane just in time. When I took a seat a strange man walk past me and he was looking at me. And it felt unpleasant it gave me shivers right down my spine .

"Yoo-hoo , Stace " I looked at my brother not noticing that he was trying to get my attention for the last few seconds " Oh yaeh sorry , what do you want Justin?" I asked him calmly, "Are you alright? You seem very tensed up " ," Yaeh I'm fine just very excited about the trip " I said with an of smile " Yaeh me to " he said with a big smile on his face .

While i was sitting and reading a book i felt the strange man gazing at me "Why is he looking at me did i murder his family or what because this man is freaking me out "

When the plane landed me and my brother waited to get our bags , when we finally got our stuff my brother stopped on the way . "Justin what's wrong?","I want to get us something to eat and drink for us, so will you look after our stuff while I get something for us ?" I nodded and my brother ran to get us some appetizers and something to drink. While I was waiting for my brother to come back the strange man from the plane walked right up to me with a pocket knife in his hand .

When my brother came back the man disappeared. I was frightened my brother looked at me in concern "Stace what's wrong you look like you saw a ghost ". I looked at my brother feeling like I was about to cry " There was this man on the plane earlier and he kept looking at me and when you went to get us something he came right up to me with a pocket knife in his hand ".

"Wait what a man walked up to you with a pocket knife in his hand?" ," YES!"." Okay calm down what does he look like ?" I looked at my brother and thought to myself " Should I tell him and make him look for this man during our vacation " . " you know what just leave it we came here to enjoy ourselves not to look around for freaks " my brother looked at me with a furrowed brow.

"I man just tryded to attack you with a pocket knife and you just want me to leave it ?" My brother sounded very serious and a little angry " I won't let any freak hurt my littel sister and get away with it " I knew my brother was angry but I tryded to calm him down " Justin he barely touched me but if he trys that attempt again I'll let you know "

"If he trys that attempt again he might get it right and kill you then I won't be able to save you but I'll haunt him down and kill him ". I gave my brother a crooked smile "you see you do care about me " i looked at him with a grin on my face . " Yes because you are the only family I have left " .

"Okay come on grouchy let's go " I said whit a smile on my face

As we got at the hotel the gave us separated rooms right next to each other . So we went to our rooms got settled in so I decided to go take a shower before dinner . When I got out of the shower I got a strange feeling that someone is watching me. So I went to my window and saw the strange man standing outside the building watching me through my window. When my brother knocked on the he startled me .

"Hey stace finish up so we can go get something to eat " ,"Okay just give me few more minutes" when I turned back to the window the man was gone so I finished up and got ready . Me and my brother got something to eat and went back to our rooms and got some rest ".

But while I was sleeping I heard a noice in my room , when I turned the lights on the man stood right in front of my bed . When I was about to scream for help he grabbed me and put his hand on my mouth. " if you know what's good for you , you will be a good girl and keep your mouth shut ".

When he released me i asked him " what do you want from me? " , " i want you dead " he laughed whit an evil smile. Before i could do anything he knocked me out .

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