The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 270

Is he coming back from the cafeteria? Is that really him? It's really him.

The weather is sunny. March tends to be a bit warmer every passing day.

Is he going towards the exit? Should I chase after him?

He looked at me. Not once but twice!

Ah. Must be dizzy due to the heat.

He is going towards the bus. I need to catch him too. I can always buy the icecream later.

I wanted to check if we take the same route or not. The bus is too crowded and I can't see him. Agh.

I am sweating. I am frustrated.

I catch up to him but he takes the route opposite to the route which you take. It also looks like even he is searching for me(maybe?). Me and my stupid imaginations.

Wait, he sort of looks a bit disappointed. I. Was. Very. Disappointed.

So I missed my chance yet again.

Our eyes meet again for the one last time before the trains depart.

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