The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 288

Today is the last paper of the monthly evaluation. The only paper that I thought I could score.

It is raining very heavily today. I am waiting for the bus to the train station. I could hardly make out anyone's face in the rain.

The bus stopped near me, I could faintly see a student with a black umbrella approaching towards me. As the student shuts the umbrella, I could finally make him out. It was him. The guy who sings on stage.

We looked at each other. I don't know how long we looked at each other but it was probably more that I could expect. But I, like a fool, I looked away.

Looked away from you. After all this time? Oh you, you stupid girl. Now he thinks you don't even want to look at him. Ah. Why did I?

The regret and the pain that I feel in my heart is unbearable. And he, he looked so disappointed and maybe even a bit embarrassed about it because he couldn't run faster than what I saw.

I hope at least you do well in your papers.

I still remember the moment when we looked at each other and I, like an idiot, looked away.

Your eyes locking with mine. I was taking you in.

Such a sin to my eyes. He was looking so good even in the rain. Was he going to perform somewhere after the exams?

I wish I could know.

Even though it seems funny, I am still an idiot.

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