The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 400

It's November already and so the air is a bit chilly. I have to go college early today because I have my practicals today. The train ride, as usual, crowded.

But today, I had decided to give up on him completely. If I don't see him today, I'm giving up on him. For good.

But today is the best day of the year. I swear, it was as if the stars were aligned. Everything was so perfect today but I sort of have some kind of giddiness in my stomach. Probably due to my practicals.

As I was hurriedly going towards the bus, I saw him. He saw me too. Earphones in his ears. The only downside? I was with a friend! And she talks a lot. What a luck. Hey friend, it looks like you're checking him out. No oh. Please don't.

I don't know what happened, but the next minute, we were standing next to each other. Oh, we were too close. I thought my heart would burst right then and there. Time is still. Everything seems quiet.

What more do you want in your life when the person you like is standing next to you? You become a timid person. Just like that. I dare to look at him once. It's real. He's this close to me.

Alas. The bus ride is hardly ten minutes. We got off. I was so sad. I wish the ride could go on forever.

We were walking side to side when his notes fell. I picked it up and without even glancing at him I just gave it to him. I feel surprised.

I guess he was looking at me too. But as usual, nothing came out of my stupid mouth. Girl, you really know how to ruin your chances.

I was elated. Even more than that. Did he feel the same?

I wish I knew.

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