The Boy She Saw on Stage

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There's never a perfect timing to anything. You are the one to make the perfect timing for anything. My days with you are so momentary. Impulsive. Stupid.

It's already your final year. How am I supposed to say anything to you?

I thought you left college. You did not come for so long. I felt like you dropped out for your singing career. But it's your last year. Why'd you so something like that in the last semester of your college life?

That day when I saw you after a long time, I felt relieved.

I am sad that the end is coming too soon. Time won't stop for me. I saw him so many times when he was there yet the courage, to talk to him, why?

What's the fear?

I ask myself.

What if he laughs at me?

What if he ignores you completely?

Bad thoughts are so overpowering though.

I am ruining my chances myself. Why doesn't it work like a bandaid? Well it would if you tried, you dummy.

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