The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 530: End

Today is my final practical of the semester. With this, I won't be coming to college anymore before the next session starts. And that means I won't be able to see him anymore.

Anymore in college. It's his last semester in college.

Without saying goodbye.

Without saying the 'Hi' that I longed to tell you for two years. Everything is coming to an end.

I don't feel anything about the practicals. There's nothingness inside me. Agh.

Why are my practicals taking longer than usual? They are taking more time today. I have to meet him today no matter what happens. Today I have to 'Hi' to you. My only last wish. It's now or never.

The professor was so rude today. Agh. It made my day more sour than before. My big head had something more than practicals.

My mood is all wasted. Ah, I do need a cold drink to chill my head.

I went to the cafeteria to have one last look if there's a possibility if we would meet today.

He was there with his buddies. And I did the usual. Ignore him of course. That's what I always do. I am doing the same today. But you can't!

No, you cannot do this today.

Not today.

I have to say 'Hi'.

I took my favourite juice and ran outside as quick as possible because he was already leaving. I ran frantically behind to call him.

But today, a miracle happened. I swear that from today even if I didn't believe in God, I would start believing God from today.

He stopped, turned towards me and he smiled at me. It was the most sweetest smile I've ever seen. He waved at me, saying 'Hi'.

I was stupefied. Somehow I managed to wave back at him with a smile.

I was on top of the world.


Was I hallucinating? Oh dear, maybe. But everything happened was real. So real. Everything happened.

It took a very long time for this to happen. Was it too long? No, I think not.

I didn't know that even a stupid girl like you can have a happy ending. Thank you to 'The Guy who Sang on Stage'. If it was not for that day, we wouldn't have ever met.

Thank you for making my college days memorable.

Girl, wipe that goofy smile from your face.

Now that it is over, I feel that everything was worth it.

Thank you to you :)

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