The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 75

Sessionals have started. Hence, time to study again. And I am least worried about the exams and we have math today. I was pretty confident about it. And my exam was at noon.

As I entered the college gate, the guy who sang on stage was coming out of the campus.

I looked at him. He looked at me. I don't know what happened, I did something incredibly weird and stupid. Out of the blue, I started scratching my hair. My hair?!? Out of all things that I could do! Oh dear me!

For the first ever time, I realized something very weird happens when I see him every time.

I feel like time stops for me. My mind was becoming crazy. Very crazy indeed.

I went in. He came out. I realized something else too. Different exam intervals.

He's a senior!

Oh no.

Seniors are always way out of league.

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