The Boy She Saw on Stage

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Day 79

I have a very tough exam today. Toughest of all. Nobody likes it.

I found out his name. The guy who sang on stage. It wasn't that difficult with him being a singer and all.

Focus girl. You have an exam which is more important. (Duh!)

The stairs were so crowded today because students were also coming out of the exam hall. I need to hurry to the exam room to revise some more. You know, the last minute thing.

As I was climbing up the stairs, someone with a guitar was coming down.

Woo~ I thought someone could even play guitar even during exam time. Cool.

As I looked up to see the person, guess who he was. It was him obviously! The senior.

Before I could ask him anything, he left. And all the rehearsal I practiced all night, everything, had gone to waste.

A crush. I have a crush on him!

So simple. What took so long to realize this feeling?

Exam was crappy. But who cares when you are in love already!

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