Dating Hassles

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"Can't you just once accept the fact that i like you?" James whispered into his ear. "Do you hate me that much?" "Yes I hate you! I fucking hate your guts!" Jason spat back with disgust in his eyes. "Fine! Hate me! Hate me all you want! Fill your heart and mind with so much hate that you can't think of anything else except me!" James punched the wall behind him and Jason knew that he was being very serious. .................................................................. Jason Lyngdoh was all set to leave behind his past and start his new life as an engineering student. However, things didn't turn out well for him when his roommate Arpan got into a scuffle with Kevin. Jason, in order to save his new friend, made a few new enemies lead by James Neikha who was his senior. James never sparred a moment to get onto his junior's nerve who was trying his best to spend his time away from all the crazy. Starting off on the wrong foot, with hatred, past tragedies and college work, will these guys find love along the way or will it always be hatred that will bind them?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Stupid Luggage! I should have backed out and gone for some other general studies! Jason never liked the idea of transferring to Assam to study Engineering. Home was far and so was his zone of comfort. But he knew that it was needed for him as well as his parents for him to start a new life away from home and his mother made sure that she packed all of his essentials. Although he knew that he didn't need that many things, he decided to suffer the weight rather than having a pointless squabble with his mother.

Jason sighed as he finally stood in front of his dorm room after dragging his bags all the way to the third floor.



Room no: 312

Jason and Arpan...Hmmm! They got my name wrong though. Lyngdoh. Is it that hard? Never mind, Let me get my stuff sorted before I get to this.

Ready to embrace his dorm life, Jason took a deep breath and opened the door to see a very a naked guy drying himself under the ceiling fan.


"OH I AM SORRY!" Jason screamed back and shut the door. What the hell was that!

He heard some shuffling inside and some quick steps before the door was opened.

"Sorry about that. Come in come in."

Jason, unsure about the whole situation just nodded and gave him a faint smile before slowly dragging his bags inside. He looked around to see the room. It was spacious with two beds, wardrobes and study tables on both sides, shelves on one end and two huge windows next to it. Jason went to see the view outside the window hoping for something good. One look and he knew that the curtains will have to be drawn at all times.

"Disappointing right? I mean it's just overlooking the next dorm." Jason turned around to see the new guy behind him with a wide grin on his face. "Oh Sorry...I am Arpan, by the way, the roommate." Jason didn't need the introduction though. The way he was being comfortable inside their room was enough to indicate who he was.

Jason nodded with a faint smile and replied, "Yeah... Hi... I saw your name on the door. I am Jason."

"I see I see." An awkward silence fell inside the room as neither knew how to address the other now.

Jason cleared his throat and decided that being weird to each other was not going to help. He sat down on the empty bed and patted the mattress. It's normal I guess, considering its summer and everything. Just be normal. It's fine fine fine. Ask him when he arrived here.

"Do you normally walk around naked?" Shit that's not what i was supposed to say!

Arpan let out a nervous laugh and replied, "Well no not really. I honestly thought I had locked it from the inside. I am really really embarrassed. Sorry the weather was way too humid.... So you a freshy?" He sat down on the bed opposite to him and tried to hide the mess of clothes on it behind him.

"Yes yes. What about you?"

"Me too. Which school? I am in Engineering."

Jason smiled at that and replied, "Me too! I am in Computer Science and you?"

", we are both here in engineering which means we are going to have the same general course for the first year."

"I know right... I am glad. At least studying won't be that boring I guess."

"I was thinking the same thing. This is awesome."

"Ha Ha... Well I better unpack and arrange my stuff then." He doesn't seem too bad, seems nice and polite. Jason stood up pulled out his books and clothes from his bags and piled them up on the bed.

"Anyways let's never discuss our first meeting ever okay...I mean I am not ashamed of it or anything but you know...right... I mean..... you know....." Arpan fumbled for the right words to make it smooth but failed miserably. "Let me just help you unpack" He said and leaned down to help Jason get his stuff organised.

He is a little weird but I guess I can get used to that. They started to organise the room as they chatted about the small things. By the time they were finished both were famished. However that short span of time was enough for both the freshers to bond well and become friends.


"Stop being so annoying! I am not going to get in trouble because of you!"

"But you said you loved me. I thought we were going to get through this together."

"Are you crazy?! Just leave me alone. I don't want to be seen with you."

"Please don't do this to me."

"Go away Jason...Jason....JASON"

Jason woke up to the sound of Arpan calling out his name and he sat up surprised in his bed.

"Jason! Hurry up! We have to leave in 15 mins. Big day today and hectic too!"

Jason who was still under the influence of sleep grabbed for his phone and checked the time, "Oh Shitt!" He jumped out of his bed, grabbed the towel and hurried to the bathroom.

"I got breakfast from the mess. Have some before you leave., I shall be waiting for you downstairs."

"Okay! Thanks! I will be right out." Jason yelled from the shower.

"I am leaving then!" Arpan yelled back before shutting the door behind him. His friend hurried himself as he got out of the shower.

No time for food!

He threw on his clothes which he had kept ironed last night and rushed out of the room to meet his roommate.

"Hey Sorry I am...." He stopped mid sentence, surprised to see a guy holding Arpan by the collar. He rushed to see what was happening and heard the other guy saying, ".......need to know the rules! This is a dorm and there are things that needs to be followed!"

"I understand I am sorry! I am new here so I didn't know! It won't happen again". Arpan tried to get that boy's hands off of him but his grip was too strong.

"Hey what's wrong?!" Jason tried to fend off the guy's arm but he was shoved back. By that time, a small crowd had already gathered around them.

"I am letting you go for now! I don't need a scene here. This is my first and last warning." He let go of Arpan's collar who didn't respond. Jason noticed how his friend was burning up in rage and he prayed that Arpan would not do anything stupid.

"Asshole!" Arpan shouted back at the senior.

Oh damn!! Jason tried to drag his friend away from there who was about to hurl a series of insults but Jason covered his mouth with his hands as he pulled him away.

"What?! What did you just say?!!" The other guy screamed back, ready to get back into the fight. Jason just bowed his head with a series of 'sorry sorry' and ran outside the dorm gate with his roommate.

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