Beneath The Mask [On Hold]

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Chapter 2

✱Emma’s POV✱

After my wonderful conversation with Mr. Jerk, I had to go and change from my white-now blue- top into one of the clothes I always keep in my car because when you are in the field of work I am in, you need to be prepared for everything and that includes wardrobe disasters like this. In fact, I not only carry some spare clothes for myself, but for Noah and Carter- my best friends- also because I know how irresponsible those idiots are.

I decided to keep the pair of black jeans on, seeing they were safe from the Gatorade disaster, but took out a different white top, a green jacket and a plaid scarf and went back in, looking for the washroom so I could change.

After wandering in the hallways for 10 minutes straight- trust me, I counted- I was lost. I had no idea where I was. I love this campus, but does it have to be so freaking huge?

Thank God, I left earlier than necessary. The reason to which I don’t know. Guess I just like to be prepared.

Ugh, this is so frustrating.


I turned my head to my right and saw a girl with black hair walking towards me.

“Hi! I’m Olivia” She said when she reached me.
" Hi, I’m Em-”

“You’re Emma right?” She cut me off.

“Yes, but how do you know that?” I asked, getting suspicious.

“Oh yeah! How stupid of me. Let me start off again. I’m Olivia and I have been assigned to help you out with the directions and stuff. You know, its actually very rare for our college to take students in Sophomore year, you must be really good at what you do. Anyways, seeing as you’re already here, I am assuming that you already collected you sche- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR CLOTHES?” She cut herself off and all but yelled.

“Yeah well, you see I had a slight mishap...”

" Clearly girl! Come on, I’ll take you to the washroom and while we’re at that hand me your schedule. Do you have spare clothes?” She asked and told at the same time.

I nodded and pulled out the clothes I had put in my bag.

“Cool. Come on.”

She led me to the washroom and I went into one of the stalls to change. Once I came out, she took it out of my hands and gave it a weird look.

“Why on earth is your schedule blue in colour?” She asked, confused.

I raised an eyebrow and gave a pointed look to my now dyed blue top.

“Oh right. Anyways, we both have first hour and sixth hour together, also we both have fifth hour free, I think all of my friends do too, we compared it earlier, so we can all go to the cafe nearby and have lunch together.”

I smiled at her excitement and took my schedule back.

Today, first hour, I had literature, music in the third hour, home economics in the fourth hour and Dance in the sixth hour, that left me free in the second hour and the fifth hour.

Hmmm..... Nice schedule.

“Emma! Come on. Let’s go or we’ll be late for English. I think- no, I am sure that my friends will love you, just like I did.” Olivia exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts.

I raised my eyebrows at her enthusiasm but said nothing as I let her drag me to our first class.

After walking for a few minutes, she opened the door of a room and dragged me in along with her.

She scanned the room and her eyes stopped at a group of people sitting near the middle of the class.

“Hey guys!” She exclaimed.

They all looked up and waved at her. They seemed friendly.

" Good morning, my lovely people. This here is Emma Sparx, she is new to the University and now my friend, she is the one I am supposed to help around. Emma,” She said, turning towards me, ” This is Sophia, Mia, Ben and Ryan.“, pointing towards each of them.

" Hi, I’d introduce myself saying my name, but seeing that somebody already did it....”

I said, giving Olivia a pointed glance. On hearing that, everyone started laughing.

Can you guess what she did??? Grin, she grinned at me.

I just rolled my eyes and sat on the seat behind Ben and Olivia sat on the seat on my left. Once everyone was done laughing, conversation started.

“Hey Olive, where’s Blake?” Sophia asked.

“I have no idea. But he called me earlier telling me that he also has Literature the first hour and that he will be running late. He sounded pretty pissed.” Olivia answered.

Over the next 5 minutes, I learnt that we all have 1st hour together including their other friend Blake, who is currently running late, I also have music and dance with Ben. I didn’t have any other common classes with the rest of them. I also learnt that Olivia was dating Ryan.

When the Professor came to class, he told all of us to introduce ourselves, claiming that he needed a reminder. He looked like he was in his mid-fourties, and said that we could call him ‘Professor’ or Mr.Coleman.

He was explaining what we would do throughout the year, with a few occasional jokes.

About 20 minutes into the class, the door burst open and Mr. Jerk from earlier stepped in. Wow, my fate sucks. Just as earlier he had a deep scowl etched on his face. Big surprise there.

“Thank you, Mr. Ryder, for gracing us with your presence.” Mr. Coleman said sarcastically. Oh I really love this man.

" You welcome, Coleman.” Jerk face said with a smirk.

Mr. Coleman just sighed tiredly and said,

“Just go and take a seat Mr. Ryder.”

That was when I realized that the only empty seat is on my right. Shit.

I looked up and saw the even Mr. Jerk realized that. While he was making his way to the seat, I realised that he had washed his hair, but unlike me, he wasn’t able to change his clothes and still sported a huge blue stain over his light grey shirt. I stifled a laugh when I observed this and when he saw this he gave me a glare to which I smirked. I saw his eyes glance down at my clothes and saw a wave of confusion pass through it, but he was quick to bring back the glare.

He reached the seat and sat down. I turned my head towards Mr. Coleman, but from the corner of my eye, I saw Jerk face still glaring at me.

I rolled my eyes and tried to pay attention to Mr. Coleman’s words, ” ...also this year we will be....”

Please highlight the word ′ tried ’, in my earlier sentence, because it’s slightly difficult to pay attention to anything else when you’ve got a pair of emotionless, yet beautiful pair of grey eyes glaring at you.

After 2 minutes, Olivia turned towards Jerk face and glared at him.

“Blake! Do you have any idea how worried I was. You leave to go and get your schedule, then you call me, all pissed saying that you will be late to class.”

I raise my eyebrows in shock. Wait a second... Jerk face is Olivia’s friend?

“I was going to come straight back from the reception but, I bumped into this bitch at the reception and as you can see that resulted in....” He trailed off, pointing to his hair and shirt.

Olivia concentrated at his shirt for a few seconds then looked as if she realised something.

“Wait a second, you have a blue stain, Emma, you too had a blue stain on your shirt, does that mean that you two bumped into each other?”

“No, she bumped into me.”

“No, he bumped into me” We both said simultaneously and then whipped our heads to glare at each other.

“Okay....” She looked at us with amusement dancing in her eyes.

“Ms. Crawford, is there something you would like to share with the others?” Mr. Coleman asked Olivia.

“No Professor.” She looked down and said.

“Good. Then I suggest you keep quiet and also tell your friends to do the same.”

After this, none if us said anything till the end of the class. After the bell rang I realized that I had a free hour now and decide to go home and come back later. While I was making my way out, I heard a voice behind me say,

“Don’t think this is over Emma, by spilling the juice in me, you just declared war.” Blake said with his emotionless look.

I turned around and gave him a smirk.

“I shall be looking forward to this war, Ryder.” I said and walked out of the room.

Emma! what the hell did you just do. Which part of ‘stay as invisible as possible’ means ‘start a possible prank war with an asshole’??? Don’t you realize that this possible prank war will only gain you attention, the sole thing Mike told you to stay away from?


Dear folks, remember what I said about giving me an idea on how to murder my boss?

Please change that into giving me an idea on how to escape by boss who wants to have my head.

Oh God please help me. I am so dead.

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