Across the Seas

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Beyond each birthday I wish for great things. I wish to be a singer, a writer. I want to see the world. My inspiration comes from one amazing band, 5seconds of summer. As my family surprises me and is happy as can be, afterwards things start to take a hard turn. Boy drama, causing me to make one big mistake. It takes things so far I might loose my bestfriend, music, and happiness. Will I keep going on the path I have been going and give up on my dreams, or will I fight to keep the things that mean most, and tell my family about Lili? Find out by reading my book Across the Seas.

Romance / Drama
Carlie Luney
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Feeling blue

"You can't be a singer for there are only so many that make it." My mom just won't understand how I feel about her words. To this story I will explain my feelings through and through each chapter. Starting at school me and my best friends hang outside before the bell rings for class. It's the first day of sixth grade, even the first of middle school. I was nervous some but it really didn't seem so bad after the walking into the building. Me and my bestfriend lashayla were in the same home room but Alia wasn't. What I hated about every morning was my first class. MATH. Me and lashayla stalked until my teacher Mrs. Davis unlocked her home room. The teachers started passing out a map of middle school and the order of our classrooms so we wouldn't get lost. That was my fear was getting lost.

As the first day passed I rode the bus to my babysitters. Moma picked me up and we went home. "How was your day?" My mom asked smiling. "Oh, uh it was pretty good. How about you?" I asked back. "Oh it was okay I guess." She sighed. I've understood her words ment she was stressed, and very tired. We didn't talk till we got home.

Time passed and I'm in school, working on math one morning. When before walking to my next class I meet Alia and walk with her to class. She told me she had something to say to me at lunch, and so I waited. "I'll be going on another trip to Colorado with My dad." I understood the process. Me and Alia had nothing in common but school. She did this every year to me and lashayla.

Things got complicated for me when I had to stand by Lashayla that whole week without Alia. It was a hard desision that it was time to spend time with other people. So I sort of avoiding Lashayla because drama was the number one problem starter for her. I've played basketball for thre or four years so I started hanging out with the basketball girls. There was definitely less drama but I felt left out a bit. I hung out with my friend Ella. Our friendship grew to where we were closer to being best friends. I told her about Alia leaving and that me and Lashayla could have space from eachother as well. She understood and I made friends with her friends. It's been a couple of weeks until I relised Alia was back but I didn't notice. She seemed cool with my desision, and they both hung out as normal.

Alia missed the concert for Berryville choir. But there was a spark happening when I was performing. This high schooler kept eyeing me. I felt hot like I was going to pass out but I was fine standing with Ella. My mom was in the audience kind of annoyed by this choir thing. She asked why I even joined because she couldn't hear me. I'm not a choir person, but I knew it would shape my voice. I want to be a better singer but things are hard to do when your parent doesn't except it.

The world felt like it was spinning after the concert. I took a shower and I started crying. Why I was crying I don't know. But I felt depressed, and I was lost. It's not like I'm never. I just assumed Santa was visiting my house. For girls would understand what I mean. I drew a picture that night my bedroom door was closed. I colored a girl, and colored her blue. And wrote why in my diary.

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