Until we meet again

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Familiar feeling

[On a rainy day the gay couple who were sitting on the couch which was laid beside their bed were crying.... Intouch who was laying his head on korn's chest was crying softly hugging him.. Intouch tells him"don't leave me" As korn says " I am sorry.. I love you.. Remember that. I love you so much". intouch replies nodiing"don't say something like this.. Don't say like you are leaving me. We will be together. I will always be with you ". Tears drop from their eyes as they kiss intimately and suddenly someone opens the door. He is intouch's father. With shock and anger intouch's father asks "what's this? Don't touch my son!!" pulling his son away from korn. As intouch call him "dad?", his dad asks " What are you thinking? ".intouch replies crying" Dad.. I love him. We love each other". His dad panickly asks"we love each other?You love him more than you love your own dad?" angrily. as korn calls him 'dad', he burst into anger asking "what's your excuse for this?".korn admits kneeling down that it's his fault and he is sorry for that.

Intouchs dad asks"why are you saying sorry to me? I am not your dad and it's none of your business!!".intouch pleads his dad" Dad, pls.. Don't hurt him..?".as he says"don't bother my son again!!"and simultaneously, korn's dad enters the room and pulls him and ask "korn!! what's this?Come here.

How many times did I tell you to not get involved with this kid! "He pauses for a minute and looks at intouch and his father while he isn't even allowing his son to see korn turning his face opposite to korn and says "so, this is his father" and intouch father bursts into anger asking "So what? I never taught my son to get involved with thugs like you"and slaps his son telling him not to look at korn meanwhile korn kneels down and says sorry to his dad and intouchs dad keeps saying "don't look at him.

You have nothing to do with him. Why did you get involved with him!?" And intouch replies "dad, we love each other! I love him". As his father gives korn a deadly look, korn's gaze distracts towards the gun in his father's back which was half tucked into his pants and he pulls it from his pants and keeps it on his (point block) temple of his forehead.

Intouch(In) and korn's dad tells him to give it back.. Intouch(In) pleads korn to drop it down.. Don't do it korn.korns dad continuously calls him But korn doesn't listen and says " In.. I love you"and In pleads "korn..pls don't do this..".the *bang* sound is heard... Then immediately In runs pushing his dad" Korn!!!! Korn!!!don't leave me here.pls, stay with me. Korn, wake up. answer me"Crying loud moving him hoping he would wake up.

He cries cries and cries seeing him dead touching his forehead to korn's forehead saying"you said you would never leave me.Why it turned out this way? We love each other, don't we? Why did you do this to me?why did you leave me?"while he cries his heart out, his gaze falls on his hands covered with korn's blood and In immediately pick up the gun slowly with no strength dragging his hand ignoring his dad words " no, don't!!" shoots himself *bang* after watching Korn with his gun on the templeof his forehead and saying "I Love you". In's dad falls down with shock. They both commit double suicide for the sake of their love] (dreamy memory)..

Listening to the sounds that were made by the people who live in his side flat (sorn! Open the door I am hungry... Bro are you awake! Sorn, I told you that I will come for breakfast) made him to wake up and sit on his bed saying "so noisy in the morning" with anger and the alarm rings.. And it turns out to be his some sort of dreamy memory which he doesn't even know who those persons are but he feels that they seem familiar to him.

He asks himself "Why do they seem familiar..that guy In looks like me! Then who is that other person??.." Thinking about it pharm eyes were filled with tears when he saw himself in a mirror when he went to freshen up as he saw the time (alarm) saying "Damn it, I can't be late on my first day of college!! ".

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