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I finally came to a conclusion that i will be working for that arrogant bastard and the more i came closer to that company the more i regretted that decision. I really hated my previous job and i had to move on sooner or later. I found the receptionist at the entrance and told her about my reason being here and with that she gave me the company ID that i will be using as i do my job here. I have never done this job but i had to give it a try. I am the fucking COO of that arrogant asshole Rolan Thompson. The thing all of you don't know is that he is the known jerk in my high school years that used to torment me. I had a crush on him before I found out his personality is so fucked up and me being the poor nerd i was i became his target. He hurt and tormented me but this time he is in for a surprise.

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The brutal beginning


To say this talk I’m having with my mom regarding our company is very awful would be an understatement. She is telling me that because of us being the best IT company and merging our resources with the best business company is the best idea for us to finally have a strong firm way of getting profit.

“Honey please understand that with this contract we will have the best business deal ever and completely crush our competitors,” my mom said.

“I know mom but does it mean that I have to move everything there. Come on we can buy some new land elsewhere or they can move to our company,” I tried to reason with her.

She sighed as she pinched the bridge of his nose then I knew that shit got serious fast because she gave me an icy cold stare. “Sara the deal is done okay and in the contract is states that we move to their building and due to the fact that we have a larger land than theirs means that our land will be used to build a new bigger working environment but for now you have to move to their company building.”

When she used my actual name is when I officially knew that I had no choice. Damn is this really happening because I was really happy being in control of everything. I mean I worked hard to help my mother’s company grow into something more productive then five years later she wants me to give it all up. I am not good at just letting things go.

I drove back to my apartment feeling defeated. I got in and leaned on the lift like some girl who just got her heart broken and hung my head really low. I kicked of my heels off as soon as I got in that apartment and directly went to the kitchen and took a bottle of Jack Daniels so that I could get so wasted that I couldn’t feel my feet. I then decided to call my two best friends Anna and Jude so that we could just hang out. We have been friends ever since high school when they helped me avoid the most arrogant jerk I have ever met, my high school bully. Thoughts of him made me feel angry and annoyed at the same time.


I was busy walking into the cafeteria where I was going to meet up with my friends when a sack was put up on my face. Before I even mustered the energy to scream a sharp pain went through my left shoulder blade and everything went black. I woke up to the sound of three male voices near me and the sack was pulled out of my face and then I heard footsteps showing that they were running away. I had to squint my eyes to adjust to the light and when they adjusted I just felt cold and angry. I was on the ground covered in tar making my skin all black. I grimaced at the smell but I could feel it all over my body. I tried to stand up but I was tied up and to my dismay the school bell rang and I just realized that I was at the hallway. People got out of their classes and began laughing and taking pictures of my pathetic state. I tried getting up but I fell straight on the cold hard floor. My friends came to my rescue but it was too late and the damage was already done.


I shuddered at the memory and I tried to put those thoughts beside because I was going to have a blast with my friends.

They arrived 30 minutes later and I had already gone took a shower and put on sweatpants and a very baggy top with a skull photo but drawn with flowers. I hugged my two best friends and told them of everything that went down with my mom and they told me to cheer up because that meant that I could have a fresh start and get a whole lot of money. It went from having a bottle of Jack Daniels to five more bottles. We were all so wasted and tired from the drinking and dancing and we all decided to just sleep anywhere that felt comfortable.

I know Monday is going to be a very long fucking day but who cares right now. Let me savor my last free moments before the brutal beginning of the companies merging into Thompson’s and Hughs enterprise.

The following day when my mind cleared up a bit, I decided to do some research on who the CEO was. Damn was I in for a cardiac arrest. It was none other than the arrogant bastard himself, Rolan Thompson, my high school bully.

Well this will be a whole lot of fun.

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