Riley's Past

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Tap Tap Tap. I sit up listening to the sound of something tapping on my window. After a few minutes, I go and open it. " Hey, beautiful," I hear a boy's voice say. Riley is a young, beautiful, and smart lady. But will her happiness stay when her best friend goes behind her back and does everything to ruin her? What will happen when Jay does something unexpected. Will her friendships stay the same? Will she lose people dear to her? And the biggest question of all, what will happen to Jay and Riley? Everyone in this story will go through some sort of heartbreak and they will have to overcome obstacles.

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Is it love?

Tap Tap Tap. I sit up listening to the sound of something tapping on my window.

After a few minutes, I go and open it.

" Hey, beautiful,” I hear a boy’s voice say.

" Jay, go home your gonna get in trouble," I say starting to close my window.

" Uh-huh, you say that every time I come over," He says climbing up into my window.

I rush to help him but fall back after I do. He grabs my hand and pulls me up. I hug him and a smile forms on my lips.

I walk over to my closet and pull out another blanket and give it to him.

" Oh come on your making me sleep on the floor?" She pouts.

" Yeah," I say walking towards my bed. He smiles and walks over to me and wraps his arms around my neck.

I laugh and then we fall onto the bed. " You can't make me," He whispers into my ear.

" Fine," I say pushing him off of me.

I lay there for a while and he falls asleep. I get up and walk to the bathroom.

I'm staring in the mirror thinking about my dad and how he left because of me. A tear falls from my face and it quickly turns into me quietly sobbing. I fall to the floor and I can't stop the loud sob that escapes my lips.

I hear a knock on the door.

" Honey, what's wrong?" I hear my mom ask.

She opens my door and I see her walk in with a very confused looking Jay. My mom gets down on her knees and rubs my back while Jay holds my hands.

My mom helps me stand and lets Jay stay with me so she can sleep.

He hums a tune while running his fingers through my hair which only makes me cry even more. Jay didn't know about my dad because I never told him. He sits up and looks at me.

" Rils what's wrong please tell me I'm getting scared," He begs.

" I-I...." I couldn't even make out a full sentence just great.

He pulls me towards him and now I'm laying on his chest. I suddenly stop crying and drift off to sleep.

I wake up while Jay was getting my stuff ready. I sit up and my eyes start burning.

" You okay?" He asks me.

" Yeah sorry about that," My voice comes out small.

" It's nothing I'd do anything to make you stop crying," He smiles towards me.

He hands me my clothes and walks out of my room.

I go to my mirror and my eyes are red and puffy and my cheeks are stained with tears. I put on my clothes and walk to my bathroom. I open the door and Jay is leaning on the bathroom counter eyes closed smiling at the ground.

I laugh and he looks up.

" Oh sorry," He says moving out the way. I wash my face and put on my makeup. I grab his hand and smile.

" Thanks for staying last night," I say looking down.

" Hey, that's what I'm here for." He says lifting up my chin.

I laugh and we walk downstairs. We eat breakfast and he drives me to school.

When stopping at a red light he grabs my hand. I turn towards him and smile.

He returns my smile and keeps driving. We arrive at school and get out.

" You gonna be fine, no more emotional breakdowns?" He says laughing.

" Yeah," I say. I walk up to the doors and see a girl walking. I rush over and hug her.

" Omg it's been so long," Jazmine says hugging me tightly.

Ok, so Jazmine was the first person I've ever kissed. I don't know how or why it happened it just did. We were having a sleepover and boom. But we never talk about it with others.

I pull away and she hugs Jay.

We start walking to class while Jay went to go to his locker.

We arrive in our classroom and me and Jazmine sit next to eachother. As we sit and talk people start pilling into the classroom and I focus on the door.

Jay walks in and blows me a kiss before sitting in his seat behind me.

I turn my head and see Emily eying me. A wave of sadness rushes over me and I focus back on the teacher.

As I'm about to fall asleep in the last class of the day the bell rings.

I jump out of my seat and rush out the door. I see Jay waving to me but I push past him and run to my car. When I make it to my car I remember Jay still has my keys." Crap!" I yell. I turn around and he's standing there holding them. I try to snatch them away but he puts his hand behind his back and grabs my waist.

Before I can pull away, his lips land softly on mine. Surprisingly I didn't pull away instead I brought my hands up to his arms and kept them there.

All of a sudden I'm being pushed back into the car where he starts the car and I see a smirk on his face.

When we arrive at my house my mom's car is gone which I expected.

Jay stops the car and looks at me. Before I can fight he kisses me again. This time he pulls me so I'm sitting on his lap and his lips are back on mine.

" Uh uh," I say pulling away laughing.

" Awww, come on," He pouts.

I open the car door and get out. He gets out and we walk into the house.

I go into the kitchen and get a cup of water. I turn around and walk out. I set my cup on the coffee table and turn on the tv.

I turn and face Jay who was already looking at me. I sit up and kiss him. I don't know what I was thinking but I did it anyway.

He puts one of his hands on my neck and his other on my waist.

But we are interrupted by my mother's cough and we both jump.

Jay's face has turned red and I just look straight up shy.

" Well that's not what I expected to find happening in my living room, but..." She says.

" Mom I'm sorry, I shou-" I start to say but am cut off by my mom.

" Honey it's fine, your growing up I knew it was gonna happen," She says laughing.

Jay sighs and grabs my hand again. My mom laughs and walks out of the room." Go do that in your room though," She yells from the other room.

" Umm that's strange my mother would've killed me," He says blushing.

We get up and walk upstairs.

He shuts the door and kisses me again.

Is this what love feels like.

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