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Jace Ryan (Hayde Christensen) - Main character

17 years old - Blue Eyes - 6,2 - Skinny to athletic complexion - Strawberry blonde hair dyed in black - Few piercings in his ears, lip ring and nipples - Pictures of his tattoos below
Please, be aware his look will change along with the story

Ashley McKenzie (Riley Rasmussen) - Main character

15 years old - Blue eyes - 5,5 - Petite and fit body - Long Red hair
She has a beautiful voice (Billy Eilish’s style), she plays several musical instruments and dances

Tommy Jones (Stephen James) - Jace’s Best Friend

18 years old - Green Eyes - 6,1 - Very Athletic and fit complexion - Brown chestnut hair- A few piercings in his ears, nipples and tongue and a nose stud -Please, be aware the number of tattoos will change along with the story

Nikky Lopes (Vanessa Hudgens) - Ashley’s Best Friend

16 years old - 5,7 - Brown Eyes - Fit and curved body - Dark brown hair

Celine Dubois (Jennifer Connelly) - Jace’s Mother

Jack Ryan (Eric Rutherford) - Jace’s Father

John McKenzie (David Gandy) - Ashley’s Father

Laura McKenzie (Milla Jovovich) - Ashley’s Mother

Cory Brooks (Matthew Noszka) - Ashley and Nikki’s friend


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