The Perfectionist

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Ava Jalal is the daughter of a wealthy business man. He abuses her a lot until she finally has enough and does something she regrets. The pressure of being perfect was getting to her and she was sick of it, she just wanted to be her and not fake her life anymore. When a Xavier Aziz comes to stay at her house, everything turns from level 1 to 100. The connection is undeniable but what happens when Ava finally has enough of her life. Will Ava continue living or will the voices in her head beat her once and for all or will Xavier save or break her?

Romance / Other
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Being the perfect picture daughter was exhausting. Being told how to sit and dress, even how to eat or even breath. A bit of an exaggeration on the last part but you all get the gist. Ava thought when she turned 18, she would be an adult and treated as such, but what a joke that was. She thought the pressure from her parents especially her father, would disappear but instead it increased. Scrutinised for everything she did; she was getting tired of it all.

No one knew about the pressure that Ava had on her. For so long, she kept up the façade of being the perfect daughter, to be the person that made no mistakes. She’s handled it for so long, but she can’t anymore, she feels like shes about to explode, the pressure makes her want to rip her hair out of her skull and scream.

The expectations, the perfectness that Ava had to achieve to impress everyone, it was excruciatingly exhausting. It made her feel nothing but misery. If she didn’t do something right, she would get beaten or her belongings or even her food would be taken away from her. It all depended on the severity of her sin. So, without further ado…

Welcome to Ava’s life.

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