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Not Who I Thought He Was

Jordan Light

"Ashton,how dare you?!" She raised her voice a bit. I watched Ashton's eyes narrow as he watched the girl in front of him. She seemed familiar but it wasn't until she turned around and began to pace that I got a clear of her face.

And I recognized her immediately.

Vanessa Price.

Ashton's junior sister.

I knew because she had been present in most of his award shows. Every single fan had heard about the closeness of the Price siblings.

"How could you embarrass me in front of my friends?" She fumed and after a second, Ashton tiredly rose an eyebrow.

"What on earth are you talking about now,Nessa?" He asked. She shook her head,pacing a few more times before she halted and then held her purse up.

It was a medium sized white Chanel leather bag with diamond detailing.

I didn't have to look twice to know it cost a fortune. I didn't have to think twice to know every single thing she had on cost a fortune.

His eyebrows suddenly dropped as though he had come to a certain realization even though she hadn't said a word yet.

"I bumped into Lucy at the mall today." She resumed pacing. "You won't believe she had the same purse." She stopped. "Or wait, you would. Since you gave it to her." She scowled,color slowly draining from her face. "Do you have any idea how humiliated I felt when she pointed it out? Do you-"

"Okay." Ashton cut her off. "Technically, hers is brown, yours is white, white is limited and way more expensive." He pointed out but her face only seemed to go paler at his explanation.

"I don't care,Ashton!" She snapped. "I don't care. How many times do I have to tell you, Ash? I can't go walking around with stuff that every other girl from school owns especially Lucy. But you don't even care." She paused,stamping her feet impatiently as she said the name Lucy.

Ashton's gaze softened amidst everything and he sighed.

"Nessa,I just feel like if you guys have more things in common, you'll realize that she's not exactly as bad as you think." He stated and the moment his words left his mouth, I found myself wondering who this Lucy was. But Vanessa on the other hand stopped dead in her tracks, gaping at him like he'd just said the most insulting thing on the planet.

"Its bad enough that I have to share you with her, Ash. I'm not going out looking like her too." She stated. She didn't sound angry anymore, just slightly disappointed. I watched her work the buckle of her purse and then pull out her phone before she flung the bag off her shoulder, allowing it fall roughly to the ground.

"Don't buy me stuff anymore if you're only going to end up embarrassing me."

I stood still for a minute, watching the scene unfolding in front of me with disbelief. I knew it was impolite to stare but technically I didn't think my presence would be considered as eavesdropping since I was here before either of them. But still,I waited, my eyes moving comically from the blue eyed blonde girl to the dark haired boy in the room, waiting to one of them them crack a laugh and admit it was a joke but that didn't happen.

Did people actually get upset over this kind of stuff?

Because somebody else had the same purse they had?

A purse that cost possibly over ten thousand grand?

I stood still, not daring to move, or blink. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself. But then, she turned around and her eyes met me.

Her eyes examined me from head to toe,a disgusted expression on her face. She wasn't even trying to hide her disgust and I found her gaze rather rude. I shifted uncomfortably in my spot,feeling my gaze slowly lower to the ground.

"Ugh! What are you wearing?" She eyed me once more. "Why don't the maids ever stay in their place nowadays?"

And then she stormed off, leaving the strong trail of her perfume behind as she walked. I glanced down at my dress, slowly feeling my heart sink. I ran my fingers over the slim fabric and as I did,I could feel Ashton's gaze on me.

I didn't dare look up.

Instead,I buried my gaze on the ground, silently hoping the ground would just open up and swallow me.

I'd never been so humiliated.

After a few seconds, he began to walk towards me, his scent immediately drowning out the one Vanessa left behind. I bent my head lower as he drew closer, not wanting him to see how much his sisters words had affected me. But then when he was just a few paces away,something hit the ground with a loud 'thud', the object he'd thrown barely missing my feet by a few inches. Instinctively, I took a step back and then glanced up immediately but instead of the compassionate blue eyes I'd gotten used to seeing on TV, cold emotionless blue eyes starred back at me.

Just like Vanessa,he also had a look of disgust on his face, no, the way he looked at me was worse.

He looked at me as though I wasn't worthy enough to be in the same room as he was,breathing the same oxygen that he was. He looked at me as though I was a piece of trash that had accidentally fallen out of the trash can. He looked at me as though I wasn't human.

I shivered,feeling a slight pull in my chest.

"Throw this out." He ordered, his eyes landing on the purse for a second and without sparing me a second glance, he whirled around and then walked away, leaving a trail of his perfume behind also.

I swallowed hard,struggling hard to keep my emotions at bay.

But it hurt. It hurt so much.

Because my wishes finally came true.

I'd met Ashton Price.

And maybe he wasn't exactly who I thought he was.

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