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I met a princess

Jordan's light

'Dear diary,

All my life, I'd wondered what it would feel like to be a princess. To live in a castle and wear fancy dresses.

To fall in love and have a happily ever after.

I wondered what my life would be like had I been born under different circumstances.

But today, I met a princess. She lives in the most beautiful house I've ever seen.... not that I've seen a lot of beautiful houses. She has beautiful blonde hair and smells really good.

She was upset because apparently, some other girl she bumped into happened to have the same purse that she did."

I stopped writing, taking a few seconds to glance at the white Chanel purse which lay comfortably in the center of the fluffy pink bedspread.

Just like I expected, Meredith Price had given me a room which was way above my league. Light pink walls, a huge dressing mirror which hung comfortably in front of a gold plated vanity table. A queen sized bed was fitted perfectly in the center of the room and at the far corner of the room, directly across the door was a white fluffy sofa. A beautiful silver chandelier dangled just above the bed. Everything in the room made everything I'd brought along,myself included, feel like trash.

I sighed and then returned my gaze to my not so legible writing, 'scribbling', as Grant had called it.

'Rich people problems are so ridiculous'

I continued to write.

''I don't know which was worse. The fact that she had called me a maid or Ashton's undefined stare which said a thousand words -"

I was interrupted by a knock on the door and instinctively, I shut my diary and then rubbed my hands softly on the hem of my dress. After a few seconds of waiting for a response which was never going to come due to my sudden brain melt, the person on the other side of the door finally opened the door,a silver tray coming to view.

I felt a familiar wave wash through me as the strong scent of feminine perfume filled the air. And then the most unexpected thing happened.

Vanessa walked into the room.

Instinctively, I sprung up from my seat,staring at her wide eyed and for a few seconds, she stared back. Although now, instead of the lace dress she was wearing earlier, she was now wearing a white penciled jean mini skirt and a plain gray blouse tucked in. The blouse had the 'Princeton' logo on it also.

"M-mum asked me to bring this up to you." She said awkwardly, gesturing to the tray in her hands. In it was a glass of milk and a plate of brownies. After a few seconds, she took a few more steps into the room,walking past me. I watched her place the glass on the bedside table and then the plate without sparing me a single glance.

When she was done,she hesitated before she turned around.

"So--" She paused. "Our mums went to school together." It was more of a statement than a question so I merely nodded.

"Okay. Nice." She shifted awkwardly and then began to walk towards the door. I pulled my gaze away and then bit the insides of my cheek.

What had I been expecting anyway?

An apology maybe?

She did call me a maid...

And insult my dress,indirectly.

"You caught me in a bad mood earlier." Her voice came again and I jerked to find out she was facing me now, and not the door. "I'm usually not a bitch, I promise." She added. I was silent for a moment and then I nodded.

I wasn't sure how far I was willing to push it but I wanted an apology, that was sure.

"Its just that Ashton really overstepped his boundaries this time. He-"

"Got you and some other girl the same bag,I get it." I shot her an unimpressed look, barely resisting the urge to roll my eyes if I hadn't already.

"Well,technically mines white and limited so its more expensive." She continued and I just stared at her blankly for a second.

Did I really seem like I interested in having this conversation?

How could someone be so oblivious?

"Good." I said flatly when I noticed she was waiting for a response.

For a minute, she looked dumbfounded and then a look of amusement crossed her face. Her eyes narrowed and for a moment, it felt as though she was trying to read me. And then she sighed.

"I'm sorry I called your dress ugly." She stated sincerely.

"You didn't exactly say it was-" I started to protest and then I halted. "Oh."

Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink but she held eye contact still. There was something about the way she carried herself. Like the world was hers and she knew it.

"I-I like your shoes though. Adidas right?" She glanced down at my feet. Ironically,I had taken off my shoes a while to fill the white rug with my bare feet.

Now it was my turn to go red with embarrassment.

"It had been Adidas though." She added slowly,running her fingers quickly through the tip of her hair.

"I'm sorry I called you a maid too." She added awkwardly and then cleared her throat. "I'm going to stop talking now." She said and I pursed my lip.

And then she smiled.

A pure sincere smile,stretching a hand towards me. I glanced down at her slim beautiful manicured outstretched fingers.

"I'm Vanessa. Vanessa Price." She said even though it wasn't rally necessary. I already knew who she was, and I was pretty sure if Melissa sent her all the way up here, she knew my name also. But after a few seconds, I hesitantly took her hand,her flawless fair skin contrasting with my caramel brown skin.

"I'm Jordan. Jordan Light." I said quietly. She nodded and then pulled away.

"We have brunch by twelve. You should come." She said and then move towards the door. I watched her pull the door open, waving the tray at me before she finally exited the room.

I sat down slowly,trying to process what had just happened before I opened my diary once more and then scribbled a few more words.

"But, she might be nice after all. Eliot always said not to judge me book by its cover...or first impressions. Three Prices, two invitations, one brunch."

So help me God.

I shut the book slowly and then let out a loud shaky breath.

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