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They Know

Jordan Light

I glanced at the wall clock. It was forty five minutes to one and I was seriously considering locking my door from the inside and hiding under the blankets even though brunch probably was just downstairs.

I frowned as I pulled my now combed hair in a tight ponytail, the feeling that I was forgetting something constantly pressing at the back of my head.

Weird as it was, I even felt around my chest area to confirm that I was wearing a bra as I looked in the mirror. Everything seemed okay but the feeling wouldn't go away. I shrugged it off, glancing at the wall clock once more and just as the long hand touched twelve, there was a knock on the door,followed by another.

I jerked and when whirled around, feeling my heart beat loudly against my chest.

Another knock followed and as much as I wanted to say something, I was tongue tied.

This had to stop happening.

I could feel myself having another breakdown and I swallowed hard, reminding myself to breathe.

Grant wasn't here... nobody else would understand.

"Miss Light?" A voice called from outside the door and I immediately allowed myself to breathe.


"Miss Light?" He called again, firmer this time. I exhaled.

"I'm-I'm here." I called,moving towards the door. I pulled it open, standing partially behind behind so only a part of my body was visible to him. He was quiet for a few seconds, his eyes glued to my face, causing me to shift uncomfortably under his gaze. A look of amusement crossed his expression but it disappeared almost as soon as it appeared.

"Mrs. Price asked me to bring you down for brunch." He said. His stony expression was back on, almost as if he was looking at me, but he wasn't even looking at me.

Looking at him from up close,he appeared younger.

His huge physique and muscles made him appear a lot intimidating than he actually looked from up close.

From up close,all I could see was straight black hair,dark brown eyes and a sharp jawline.

From up here,all I could see was an older version of Grant.

Maybe he was just as nice?

"Miss Light,Mrs. Price asked me to escort you down for lunch. Are you ready?" He repeated, snapping me out of my thoughts. I blinked twice and then smiled apologetically.

I didn't even know why I was smiling.

"Y-yes. I'm ready." I stammered, stepping out of the room. I closed the door behind me and without another word said,I let him lead me through the corridor and then a few hallways before the staircase finally came into view.

The feeling was back again.

More persistent this time, but just like the first time, I shrugged it off, allowing Raul lead me down the stairs,my eyes glued to his dark brown Armani work shoes.

I found it pretty amusing that even their employees got to wear designer.

It wasn't until he got to the last stair that his feet came to a sudden halt. I stopped too.

And then it happened.

"Young master."

In that moment, I stopped breathing and my brain seemed to stop functioning. My eyes widened as I attempted to bore holes into the pair of white air Jordan's that'd also stopped in front of the staircase.

I knew who it was, but still I prayed secretly in my heart that it was Vanessa... or Meredith.

I didn't want to look up.

But I found my gaze moving upwards. Part the dark jean shorts and white printed T-shirt to the deep sea-blue eyes I was used to seeing on my laptop. His eyes stared back at me.

For the first five seconds,he looked like he couldn't stand the sight of me, and then something shifted.

Something about the way he looked at me changed.

He looked at me like he was curious about me... like there's something he was seeing that he hadn't seen before.

And the longer I looked at him,the more I saw the kids from middle school in him.

Because he was looking at me the way they used to.

And then it hit me.

I wasn't wearing my contacts.


I turned away immediately, averting my gaze. But still, I could feel his gaze on me.

"Sir, your choppers here." A voice called.

A voice that neither belonged to him and Paul so it wasn't difficult to guess there was someone else. But I didn't dare turn.

"Miss Adams is waiting." The voice continued.

Just like that, the spell was broken. Ashton tore his gaze away,brushing past me as he climbed up the stairs,leaving a trail of his perfume behind.

I didn't look behind me as he walked away and I knew somehow, that he didn't look back either.

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