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Chapter 1: Only the strong survive


My name is Jordan.

But my friends call me Light.

"I was very young when I lost my father. When he died, it felt as though my life ended--" A voice boomed out through the speakers of my laptop. Instead of looking at the screen, I was starting at the dressing mirror in front of me. But still,I could visualize every single action going on in the screen. It was a video i'd seen almost every day for the past two years. I knew almost every single word by heart.

I guess it had something to do with the color of my eyes. Something science called mutation.

"I couldn't bear the loss. I wanted to do something,I wanted to become somebody else. Acting was my escape."

As a kid,all the other children made fun of me because I was different from the rest of them, because my eyes stood out.

I was a freak because unlike all all the other kids,while my left eye was a dull chestnut brown color,the other was a bright shade of blue.

"People say I got to where I am because of my Last name but I disagree.. I got to where I am today because of my hard work. Because of my determination. Because it was something I wanted so bad. And so, if there's someone else out there with a who needs an escape,if there's someone else out there with a dream,I want you to hold on to it and never let go."

But my mother always said it was beautiful. She said it resembled the sky....she said it represented hope,represented light.

"I want you to be strong. Because only the strong survive." I mouthed along with the voice from my laptop.

"And I want you to be brave. Stick to who you are,stand your ground. Be you. Because that is what it takes to live. And life isn't just about surviving. Its about living." He finished with me mouthing along.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Ashton Price--" The show host started but my fingers immediately found the mute button.

I didn't have many friends, I didn't trust many people.

I pulled open my drawer and got out a pair of dark brown contact lenses and being extra careful,I put them on and then starred at my reflection in the mirror.

My father left us when I was very young. So young I didn't even remember what his face looked like. For the greater part of my life, it was just my mother and I. We didn't have the best mother-daughter relationship but knowing that I had her was enough for me.

I ran my fingers through my hair, fixing it to make sure there weren't any strands sticking out.

When I was eleven, mum met someone new. She seemed happier,smiled a lot more often, smiled at me more often. It was great. I wished it would be like that forever and it seemed like everything was finally working out when they got married few months later. It was the happiest day of my life. Two years later,we had Eve,a gift I'd forever be grateful for.

I stood up slowly,straightening my top as I allowed my eyes to meet the huge poster of Ashton Price at the opposite end of the room. Beside it was a smaller poster with the words: Be strong, only the strong survive.

With Eliot and Eve,life was better, worth living. Till two years ago, when I turned sixteen. Mum killed herself on my birthday. It was the worst day of my life.

After a few seconds,my eyes fell from the poster to a photograph on the bedside table. I reached for it and then picked it up slowly, fighting the tears that fought their way to my eyes. It was a picture of both my parents, my birth parents, the only one I had. There was another woman in the picture and from the little I knew, she'd been mums best friend growing up.

I'd wanted to hate her. For giving up on me, for giving up on Eve and Eliot. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. Because I blamed myself. I don't know why my father left but deep down, I felt like if I'd never been born, dad would still be here. And mum would still be alive. In every single picture I'd seen of the both of them from before I was born, they looked so happy together... so in love. It made no sense that it all fell apart after my birth.

I sighed,returning the picture to its original position and then quickly ran my hands over my eyes to wipe away any evidence that I'd been crying.

I didn't regret anything that happened. It gave me a reason to live,it gave me Eve. It gave me Eliot.

But still, I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to know why everything happened the way it did. I wanted to know why dad left. I wanted to know why mum committed suicide. I wanted to know what it had to do with me.

I wanted to know everything. Everything that happened before and soon after my birth.

I knew that it was impossible since mum was gone,and dad was gone. The other woman in the picture was my only ticket and I had no idea who she was.

But for one last time,I decided to allow myself believe in birthday wishes. So I closed my eyes and I made a wish.

To know the truth.


To meet Ashton Price.

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