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Chapter 2: I'm about to make your wishes come true


"Jordan!" Eve yelled the moment she spotted me walking down the stairs, running as fast as her little legs could carry her. She hugged my legs tightly the moment she got to where I was as that was the only place she could reach,restricting my movement.

Unlike me,Evelyn had pale white skin and long black hair. I bet the difference in our physical appearance had a lot to do with Eliot. Just like Eve,he also had pale white skin, dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.

I got my brown skin from my father, that much I was sure about.

I chuckled, bending down so I could get a good look at her face. Tucking away some loose strands of hair that had pulled out of her ponytail, I sighed and then tapped the tip of her nose.

"Morning Eve." I smiled. "Sleep good?"

"Great!" Her smile was genuine. "I got you something." She immediately reached in the pocket of her little school uniform skirt and then pulled out a tiny beaded bracelet. I recognized it instantly. I'd helped Eliot pick it out for her few months ago and she absolutely adored it. She'd worn it every single day since then and it was impossible to ignore just how much she loved the bracelet. And even if it was far too small for me,it made my heart melt that she'd give it to me.

"Its my favorite bracelet." She explained,a shy smile on her face. "Happy birthday Jo." She grinned. "Come on!" She grabbed my hand in her rather little one and then pulled me towards the kitchen before I could utter a single word.

"Dad and I made your favorite. Strawberry pancakes." She continued, coming to a halt only when we got to the kitchen.

"Daddy, Jordan's awake." She announced and almost immediately, Eliot turned away from the stove in a worn out shirt and a pair of faded blue shorts. His eyes were red,and so was the tip of his nose. His eyes were sad and tired and I could see just how exhausted he was from working all night at the office. He shot me an apologetic look as he leaned forward and then placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Happy birthday honey." He greeted. For a moment, he and I shared a knowing look before I finally pulled my gaze away,Eve being completely oblivious to the sudden change of atmosphere around us.

It was mums death anniversary.

Every single time I turned a year older,it would be a constant remainder that mum was gone.

"Thank you." I sat on one of the stools on the counter. Eliot turned away and in an instant, he was dishing out the pancakes. He placed a plate in front of me, and one in front of Eve. Mine had a strawberry on top and I could see Eve visibly pout from the corner of my eyes.

"Hey!" She called Eliots attention. It was funny to watch honestly. "Why don't I get a strawberry?" She demanded. Eliot sighed, fighting back a laugh.

"Its the last one E. Its Jo's birthday today. She wins." He explained. She shrugged her shoulder.

"Okay daddy." She nodded and then dug into her pancakes. It was impossible not to smile at how adorable she was as I placed the strawberry in her place and she opened her mouth to say something, possibly to protest when the doorbell rang. Instinctively, I glanced at my wristwatch and then sighed.

"Should be Grant." I muttered.

"Grant?!" Eve's eyes widened with excitement as I climbed down from my stool.

"I'll get the door." I announced and even as I walked away, I could hear Eve struggling to get down from her stool. I knew she'd catch up sooner or later so I didn't really mind. Stopping in front of the door. I drew in a deep breath and then pulled the door open.

Almost immediately,I was swept off my feet as a pair of familiar strong arms enveloped me, lifting me off the ground and I bit the insides of my mouth to stop myself from screaming louder than I already had.

Grant Kennedy was squeezing the oxygen out of me.

"Everything okay,Jo?" Eliot called from the kitchen and I exhaled, possibly using up whatever oxygen I had left.

"Sure Mr. Reynolds." Grant answered before I could, finally letting go of me. He smiled wryly and then winked.

"Happy birthday Light."

"Hey Grant." I muttered breathlessly, inwardly allowing myself gather enough energy so I could beat the crap out of him for nearly giving me a heart attack.

Grant Kennedy was my best friend. We'd been best friends for as long as I could remember. He was about six feet three tall and way too huge than most boys our age. Beautiful platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Honestly, most of the time he looked like he stepped out of the front cover of vogue magazine.

"Grant!" Eve squealed as the soft sound of her footsteps drew closer. "Grant!"

"Hey princess." He cooed and in an instant, she threw herself at him. He lifted her up with ease,patting the tip of her nose. She chucked at the gesture and he winked in my direction before he carried her further into the house. I rolled my eyes, shutting the door behind him and then made for the kitchen.

When I walked in, Grant was seated comfortably on my stool, eating my pancakes. He grinned when he saw me.

"These pancakes are delicious Mr. Reynolds." He told Eliot and Eliot gave him a look that said 'I won't get involved.'

Honestly,I didn't really mind whether or not Eliot got involved. I just wanted my pancakes back.

And my stool.

"Grant." I muttered through gritted teeth.

"I'm going to go get dressed for work." Eliot excused himself and when walked away almost immediately as Grant picked up another pancake and forced it into his mouth. I honestly didn't get how it all went it but if there was one thing I was sure of,it was that Grant Kennedy had no manners.

"Grant." I fumed.

"Yes Light?" He answered, his mouth still full as he reached for the last pancake.

"Don't you dare!" I hit his hand before he could pick it up. He swallowed visibly before he exhaled.

"Careful Light. I'm about to make your wishes come true."

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