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Chapter 5: I want the best for you


Grant said we were going home but what we did was the exact opposite. We visited the park,an ice cream store not too far from home and eventually, we ended up seeing 'Proud Mary' before I was finally prepared to go home.

Excitement buzzed through me as the car pulled over in front of our house. The lights were turned off, making me glance down at my wristwatch and my eyes widened when I realized just how late it was.

It was a few minutes past eleven.

I sighed, silently praying Eliot and Eve didn't wait up for me.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow?" Grant asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded quickly, retrieving my purse from the back seat.

"Thank you,Grant." I reached for his hand and then gave it a light squeeze.

"What are friends for?" He smirked. I rolled my eyes, pushing the door open and then climbed out almost immediately, muttering a quick 'goodnight' as I shut the door behind me.

"Goodnight Light." I heard Grant call after me as I hurried up the stairs,struggling to get my keys from my purse as I did. After a few failed attempts,I finally managed to get the key out and I heard Grants car drive away as I inserted the key into the hole.

I turned the key inside, trying to be as quiet as I possibly could. I turned the handle and then pushed the door open. I walked in and then closed the door slowly behind me, darkness greeting me when I was certain I had locked the door properly.

I pulled off my shoes and when made for the stairs when-


I halted for a few seconds, shutting my eyes as the bulbs came on. After mentally counting to three,I opened my eyes and when whirled around.

"Eliot." I paused. "Hi." I glanced at my wristwatch. "I'm-I'm really sorry I stayed out so late. I lost track of time and I just-" I blurted out even though he hadn't asked me anything yet. "I'm sorry." I glanced down at my feet and then exhaled,allowing myself to meet his gaze, but something else caught my attention.

Somebody else.

My eyes narrowed the moment I noticed Eve sleeping peacefully on one of the couches, her head resting on one of the pillows.

"Is everything okay? Is Eve alright?" Concern filled my voice as I began to walk towards him,making for the couch Eve lay on.

"She's fine. Everything's fine." He stated, tucking both hands in the pockets of his shorts but that didn't stop me from squatting in front of her to feel her temperature with my hands. I placed my other hand on my forehead,comparing her temperature with mine and she seemed completely fine.

If anything,I seemed a bit warmer.

"We were waiting for you." Eliot explained, taking a seat on one of the other free couches. He tapped the space beside him for me to sit and I did.

"Why?" I swallowed hard. I felt like I knew the answer to the question already but I wanted to hear it from him. He was silent for a few seconds and then he sighed.

"I spoke to Grant." He paused, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes were full of sadness as he talked. "I'm sorry, Jo." His jaw tensed. "I've been so occupied with work all this time,I didn't realize--"

"You weren't supposed to know." I said slowly. "There's no way you would have known." I continued, choosing my words carefully. "I just-" I paused. "You've been more of a father to me than my own father was, Eliot. I didn't want you to think that you and Eve aren't enough for-"

"I understand." He nodded, reaching for my hand. "And I understand if you want to go. I want the best for you Jo, and if this is it,I won't stop you." He shook his head. I pulled my gaze away, feeling tears make their way to my eyes. "And no matter what that woman says Jordan,I want you to know that your mother loved you. With all of her heart, with every single fiber of her being, Jordan she loved you. Don't you ever forget that." He gave my hand a light squeeze and more than anything, I wanted to believe him, but the words 'then why?' tugged at the back of my head.

Why did she leave?

Why didn't she think about me when she did what she did?

Why didn't she think about him?

Why didn't she think about Eve?

How could she have been so selfish?

"Thank you." I muttered, choking back a sob.

"This will always be home,Jo." He stated sadly and at that moment, all I could do was manage a small nod.

"I know."

"Get some rest." He placed a kiss on my forehead before he stood up and then straightened his shirt. "Goodnight ladybird."

"Goodnight dad." I managed a small smile, watching him retreat. He picked Eve up with care and then slowly walked towards the corridors till he completely disappeared from my sight.

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