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Chapter 7: Price


I'd slept off.

I don't know how long ago, or how I'd even fallen asleep in the first place but after being awake and all alone in the limousine for about an hour, I'd finally succumbed to my desire to close my eyes for a bit.

When I opened my eyes, the limousine was parked in front of a high black gate. I rubbed my eyes, leaning closer to the window and I saw the driver say some words into an intercom on the wall and almost immediately, the gates began to move.

They moved slowly and carefully until they were completely open and for a moment,I glanced behind the gates,hoping to see a human being but there was nobody there. Soon afterwards, the door to the limousine opened and closed as the driver got in and closed the door behind him and soon enough,we were moving again.

I turned back in confusion when I heard a creaking sound, watching the gates shut close.

What the hell?

I glanced out through the window once more,immediately feeling my eyes grow wide. The car ran on perfectly concrete ground and not too far away was one of the most beautiful gardens I'd ever seen. Both white and red roses adorned the garden, along with various other species of flowers. Directly in the center of the compound was a gigantic fountain with the sculpture of a crown in the middle. All the water seemed to sprint out right through the center of the crown and I pressed my hand against the glass of my window shamelessly gawking at the view in front of me.

Not too far away from the fountain,at the said of the house if I was being specific was what I made out as a pool. It looked massive but I couldn't see its full size since the house was blocking it from my view.

And the house-

"Oh My God!" I muttered as soon as the limousine came to a halt in front of a huge white mansion.

Words couldn't describe the mansion in front of me. No words in my vocabulary could describe the building in front of me. It was the type you only saw in movies...

The billion dollar kind.

I was so busy gawking at the house,I didn't notice the drivers door open till I heard the door at the other end of the back seat open.

"We're here miss." The driver announced. I swallowed hard, shifting uncomfortably in my sit.

What was I thinking?

Coming here?

I was pretty sure you stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Miss?" The driver called again, causing me to look up at him once more. "We're here." He repeated. "Please come with me." He added. I forced my mouth close, forcing myself to alight from the car and then dusting my cloth for invincible dust.

"Your bags will be sent up to your room." The man continued as he started working towards the set of brown double doors that prevented me from seeing the insides of the house.

I followed him,feeling the colour suddenly drain from my cheeks as I glanced down at my dress,tugging down at the hem of my dress.

What if Meredith kicked me out because I didn't look presentable enough?

What if she refused to see me?

What if Grant was telling the truth? What if blue wasn't my colour?

Should I have gone with a darker colour? A darker shade of blue perhaps?

Should I have worn pants instead? A skirt perhaps?

Oh my God, should I have work heels instead of the white adidas sneakers I had on?

All my worries seemed to evaporate for a second the moment we were inside the house and the moment I took a step inside,I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart beating heavily against my chest.

My eyes moved from the high winding staircase to the gold coated chandeliers that hung above us.

I swallowed hard, allowing my gaze to move further to where various bughatti sofas were arranged in what I guessed was the sitting room.

I dared to take another step further in, and then another. Almost everything around me was a bold combination of black,red and white. Paintings adorned the walls and directly beside the stairs was the portrait of a man.

Unconsciously,I rubbed my now sweaty palms against my dress.

"Miss?" The driver from earlier called,snapping me out of my trance. I jerked immediately, turning my gaze to face him and as I did,I heard soft footsteps descending down the stairs.

"I'll inform Mrs. Price that you've arrived. Please wait here." He said and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared completely from my sight. I tilted my head, the fear of being alone overwhelming me but almost immediately,I met the gaze of a kind elderly man who stood beside the door.

He gave me an understanding smile and then almost immediately, his smile disappeared,his gaze shifting from me to somethin else. And then he bowed his head.

"Young master." He greeted.

I froze.

Young master.

Every single bone in my body screamed to stay still,to not turn around or acknowledge the other figure in the room.

But I turned.

My eyes coming in contact with the dark slides that stood on the last stair. The slides had the words 'Princeton' imprinted on each pair and I swallowed visibly, allowing my gaze to move further past the grey tracksuit that also had the 'Princeton' logo in printed on it. I furthered my gaze and I immediately felt myself stop breathing the moment I saw the face of the figure in front of me.

Hard blue eyes stared right back at me, sending shock waves through my body.

I felt my eyes visibly widen as I tried to remind myself to breathe.

It couldn't be.

I felt my breathing uneven and I was aware that I wasn't exactly behaving in the most approachable manner. I wanted to do something, to maybe say something else but even my brain seemed to go into shock.

Just then, a door burst open,snapping me out of my trance, again, and a strong,feminine scent surrounded the room as a girl in a beautiful black and white lace dress brushed past me, completely ignoring my presence, her curly platinum blonde hair cascading down her back as she stopped few paces in front of me.

"Ashton,How dare you!" She spat and in an instant, his gaze moved from me to the other girl a the room.

My heart stopped.

It was real.

Ashton Price was standing in front of me.

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