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Chapter 5

Previously on the Mafias Homeless mate

“I want to speak to him and there’s so many bad guys on the loose Jonathan needs you quick as possible he said bring as many weapons if needed.” Cupid says Dimitri mumbles a few curse words before kissing his mates head Nicolàs frowned as his lips left a small whimper

“Don’t worry baby I’ll be back” Dimitri says he kissed his mate one last time before walking out in a hurry Cupid walked by the door and closed it. He turns around facing Nicolàs who laid down on the couch ignoring that the vampire was ever there

Cupid signs

Well this is gonna be fun

A/N it’s been awhile since I’ve updated I will put filters out so basically Dimitri finds out that Cupid went through Nicolás case back form 2009. Nicolàs kicked the man out of his office then Dimitri (like I said) found out. Dimitri chats with his husband till he left, he wants Cupid and to talk to Nicolás about his horrific past

Now on the Mafias Homeless mate

*Warning ⚠️ Mentions of rape and abuse skip if needed!*

“Ture, can you give me the full story I don’t want to force or pressure you to speak on this heavily sensitive topic.” Cupid said he was perturbed wether or not Nicolás will explain the whole story of his sexual assault. Nicolás nodded taking a deep breath as his heart was about to brush through his chest

“Y-yeah umm I was on my way to the store to get some food for Dimitri and my family. I was his mate at the time. I promise we didn’t do anything pleasurable. My shorts were so tight and short, my crop top was also small and being small made me have to wear miniature clothing. Anyways while minding my own business I heard whistles and hollers behind me I suddenly became bewilderment at the annoying sounds

Even so I minded my own business wondering off then all of a sudden I’m picked up by strong arms warping around my waist. A gruff old man's voice said to me

“Why would an innocent omega like you be wondering off in the middle of the night? Aren’t you afraid to get hit on beautiful”

He had a beautiful voice though but I was disgusted but still bewildered. I told him that I was going to the store which was a big mistake so I asked him to let me go but he refused as other alphas ganged up. I s-start to tear up. They were too strong and brawny for me to push them away. I was useless and weak that’s when they…” Nicolás trails off bursting out crying tears streaming down his toned face. His emotions were mixing together agony and anger building up inside him wishing he could have been strong enough to break the barrier between the alphas who brutally gang raped him

Cupid gasped and hugged the omega tightly comforting him as he cried. Nicolás hid his face in Cupid’s chest as the older man whispered softly in the younger man's ear hoping he'd calm down.

“What were their names?” Cupid asked Nicolás sniffs shrugging

“I-I d-d-don’t know.” He stutters while his voice cracked Cupid hums in response. They continue the cuddle until Dimitri came back with glasses of water he gave his ex-boyfriend and husband the glass. As the boys drained dranked they went into silence

“Soooo how did it go, did you guys at least talk?” Dimitri asked his ex boyfriend shook his head holding his ex’s husband still. Comforting him making him feel safer in his arms

“We told the story and I asked him what we’re the guys' names, he didn’t know but they looked familiar.” He says Dimitri was bewildered as his boyfriend told him he was familiar he began to set thoughtful theories.

Nicolàs lifted his head up furrowing his brows “What are you saying?” He asked Cupid eyes widened regretting for what he had said now he’s trapped in a deep outcome situation

“I-I.” He stammered, the words were chopped in half as he spoke but Dimitri and Nicolàs weren't looking forward to Cupid's secret that he was hiding.

“Spit it out!” Dimitri roars and Nicolàs whimpers at his husband's rage. The high level of Dimitri’s voice would bring everyone to shivers. Make their bones shake and heart pounding similar to a drum

Cupid was nervous he was afraid that his ex was going to attack him or even worse tear him to shreds. He didn’t wanna admit the truth since he is a lie teller, a second reason why Dimitri wanted to break up with him. He takes a deep breath and the truth comes out

Dimitri fums in anger and Nicolàs covers his face crying


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