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Chapter 8

Previously on Mafias Homeless Mate

Cupid was nervous he was afraid that his ex was going to attack him or even worse tear him to shreds. He didn't wanna admit the truth since he is a lie teller, a second reason why Dimitri wanted to break up with him. He takes a deep breath and the truth comes out

Dimitri fums in anger and Nicolàs covers his face crying


Now on Mafias Homeless Mate

"I-I witnessed Nicolàs getting raped ok! I was traumatized never in my life I've witness something so cruel and disturbing I-I'm sorry." Cupid cries out Nicolàs covered his the tears and sweat wouldn't stop the omega would be drenched by the end of the day. Dimitri closed his eyes shut Cupid didn't want to know his ex boyfriends reaction but he knows that it's savage

"D-Dimitri say something, p-please-." Dimitri cut him off and slamming his fist against the wall causing the two omegas jump up surprised

"YOU COULD HAD AT LEAST SAVED HIM!! Dimitri eyes flickered red, the devil had taken over him he didn't care that he was scaring the omegas. They began to shiver as their bones are tremendously

Cupid shakes his head "I-I'm sorry I was hollowed ok! I-I didn't mean to stay there Dimitri it was right in front of my eyes." He stammered he didn't know what else to say, being lost of words he wished he can explain himself however fear took over his body more. Dimitri growls rushing towards his ex Nicolàs noticed and hurtled towards Dimitri blocking him

"N-NO Baby stop please don't act like an animal not now, not today ok he said he was frightened and didn't not what else to do!" Dimitri glances at his mate giving him "Are you fucking crazy" Look Dimitri grips tight on his husbands wrist almost tearing it apart Nicolàs hissed in agony

"You're fucking sick, sick to the grave Nick I don't give a flying shit what he said. I'm very disappointed in both of you. How can you be so unintelligent to agree with Cupid? Get it into that tiny brain of yours you should be angry at him." Nicolàs furrowed his brows exasperated he felt hearing those harsh words form his mate it got him thinking death plot and questioning everything that is happening at once

Nicolàs clenched his jaw before screaming and slapping his mate leaving a dark face print on his cheek. The older man snaps his head facing his Husband who was frightened by his next out break. Dimitri growled charging at his ex boyfriend who let out bloodlust screams Nicolàs cries as he was trying to stop his husband for killing his ex Boyfriend

"STOP! You're hurting me!" Nicolàs shouts cringing at the sight of Dimitri punching Cupid aggressively. Employees came in and so did Dimitri father, his eyes flickered sliver running towards Dimitri pulling his heavy weight off of the trembling Cupid

"STOP DIMITRI YOU'RE HURTING HIM!!" Nicolàs screams at the top of his lungs Dimitri rebuffed his husbands sayings and continued on punching Cupid to death. Nicolàs pleaded and pleaded not Dimitri never once stopped

His face was bloody, eye I was heavily bruised by Dimitri's younger brother, Oberon ran in comforting Cupid. Protectively wrapping his arms around the small boy while the others were holding Dimitri back. His anger was being out of control and his father dragged him out of the room. Nicolàs shut his eyes wanting this situation to be over. Later, his mother comes in dressed up fancy form a date that her husband took her out. She furrowed her brows at her son, calming walking over to him.

"What's mal mi príncipe (wrong my prince" she says hugging her son Nicolàs lifted his head up

"M-my husband fought with his ex boyfriend b-because he saw me getting raped. Momma I don't know what to do anymore I'm pregnant for god's sake!" Nicolàs cried out Fernanda, his mother whimpered softly she continued to hug her son calming him done the best she can. His breath

Mi príncipe, por favor cálmate, este estrés no es bueno para ti o para el bebé (my prince please calm down this stress isn't good for you or the baby)" Nicolàs nodded francilly he forgot that he was pregnant but can feel some movement. He rubs his small baby bump in circles. The baby seems to be relaxed, not worrying about anything that is happening. However it's slowly growling and doesn't show any feelings yet

"You're right mama I'm sorry I just been so stressed out this week not only that I'm fucking angry by the fact Cuipd use to date my husband, he read through my old folder—." His mother cuts him off pointing her bony finger at him he shushed up

"Stop getting some rest and I'll have a chat with that man of yours." Her voice came off disgusted and unpleasant by saying man she wouldn't dare to say his name but she could agree that her son-in-law is loyal, badass, wise, and loving. He gave her unwelcoming vibes when they all met but now she gets weird vibes form him nonetheless to say she thinks Nicolàs could have done better

"Ok momma sleep sounds amazing I definitely need it." He says he kisses her cheek and she leaves the room. Nicolàs takes off his clothing and heads to the bathroom taking a nice cold shower only when he's sad then he dries himself and gets into pjs.

Tomorrow is gonna be a wonderful day....I hope he thought

__The Next Morning __

Nicolás scowls at the person that kept on spreading kisses down his neck over and over again until the young omega had enough and sat up quickly seeing Dimitri. The alpha smiles nervously hoping his omega would smile back but sadly he didn't disappointed was written all over his.

Nicolàs lays back down Dimitri sigh "Baby lets talk this out." He says Nicolàs shook his head but that didn't stop Dimitri. He didn't want Nicolàs to be heartbroken over what happened yesterday which his omega was and still is. He hated how his alpha acted out he didn't fully understand

He's stressed and confused.

Dimitri licked his lips glancing down at his beautiful omega his long hair was messy yet so perfect he ran his fingers through his omegas long messy hair. "Gorgeous little thing." He whispers Nicolàs heard him clear he turned his body around facing his alpha who smirked

"Now you wanna listen to me." Nicolàs rolled his eyes

"What do you want, let me guess to apologize to me after your outburst yesterday?" He asked the alpha nodded he cleared his throat Nicolàs hummed

"Y-yes look I know I fucked up badly Cupid is upset with me and threatened to leave and he did actually leave. I'm not surprised that it angered me when he didn't save you from those horny assholes who can't keep their dicks in their pants when they see omegas showing off skin! Dimitri yells his face flushed pink, he felt confused when Cupid didn't have the heart to help out Nicolàs, raged that it frustrates him so much about everything at the same time.

"I suspected Cupid to be this generous boy. It turns out he was the opposite when we were together he faked being loving towards me. Only wanting the money and my looks that's the reason to be mated to a beta because I know how they human selves are like." He says more calmly and smooth clapping his hands together betas are more like humans since they can't go into heat and male bettas can't get pregnant

Nicolàs reaches out for his husband's back tapping on his back. He had tears in his eyes gloomy after hearing his husband explain the small backstory in his and Cupid's life. However there's more to unlock in his hidden past it's locked up deep inside his treasure filled with rage, broken-hearts, betrayal, and confusion

"I'm sorry that you had to go through that Dimmy maybe you are right I am stuipd and don't know the right or wrong. I'm so sweet I can't help but feel guilty for others." Nicolàs says it was no excuse that the omega was saying people will examine the omega up and down as he speaks or dosen't. They can tell he's a kind hearted person to be taken advantage of

Dimitri turns his head back to his head making eye contact with him it was happiness and guilt they both held

"No I should he the one to apologize you're not stuipd or dumb same fucking thing but you need to get it through your head when there's situations like these. You didn't trust Cupid when he got here and still didn't when you guys talked with each other..." Dimitri stops talking groaning he didn't want to confuse his mate, there was no where else to explain to his mate but Nicolàs was still confused and completely lost

Nicolàs sighs blinking a couple of times turning his body back over before drifting off to sleep wondering if he can ever understand what's going on or try to pay attention at certain topics. His alpha began to shed tears


Sooo😬 Cuipd left.

Do you think Nicolàs will forgive Damian because of his actions on Cupid?

Basically I made Nicolàs into this badass character to now confused and lost that changed quickly

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