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*MATURE CONTENT* Nicolás was once a homeless vampire laying out on the streets with his family they've suffered plenty of years thought people not caring to give them money or love. Till they were tricked into kidnapping left to be starved to death but one day Dimitri the most powerful mafia boss comes into their life and gift them his trust ••• This book will have 5 chapters or 6 then the rest will be webnovel.

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Book started | April 13th 2020–❓

What are the warnings?

This book is rated (R) it will contain sexual contain if you're not uncomfortable with that (it's male on male) leave. But if you had that forced in your life don't read the chapter please it will cause a lot of triggering.

They're will be crossdressing, killing, slight gore, and nicolás wearing makeup who is also an intersex if you're uncomfortable with that do not read and skip secnes if so

No rude comments about the make up or crossdressing please. But with the kill and gore it’s fine it’s like “Wow that’s a lot of blood” stuff like that

Do you have Patreon?

Yes I do

Because you're supporting your favorite author and college will hit me like a bus very soon. Basically I have flower Tiers I thought it would be kinda of neat but flower teirs will not be the only one

Red roses 🌹

Sunflower 🌻

Pink flower 🌸

They will come with....

Uncensored chapters

Bonus chapters


Gaming as Sims I still like them and always will they belong in the sunflower while uncensored will be on red roses. Bonus will be in pink flowers

Why only 5 chapters?

It's the time where I want my work to be private now :( Don't feel happy as I use to be but I'm trying to fix myself. It's stuff but I'll make it through when new books come out it will have 5 chapters only while the rest will be on Patreon, Inkitt, and webnovel

But pictures of I'll be included too

New books might have 10 to 20 chapters and The Abused omega will be the only book with hundreds of chapters :).

Where can we also follow you ?

Yes I do use tumbler ☺️. Pinterest is where I get photos form and it's RoyaleGates91 for my username. My instagram is also private follow me for more content, book covers, character information, best moments of their scenes, and how hot they are 🌶


My work will also be in these two apps only Omega Rudy is on webnovel. Some books will be on Inkitt and some books will be on webnovel. THIS BOOK will be on webnovel only and bonus's and possibly uncensored will be on pateorn.

Patreon equals | 1$ per tier a month

Just to start off easy

Once it's completely set up I will explain pateron. For more new books to come out by me and message on follow :) thank you 😊, Love ❤️ you Royals, and have a great day

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