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Growing Fertile

Chapter 2

In The Kitchen ||

"And the worst of all is that he grips my butt while there's fucking members in there it had to be 25 of them it was packed." Nicolàs complained as he sips on whine as his husbands sister busts out laughing banging her fist on the glass table,

Nicolas looks at her if she was crazy

"Ok hulk calm the f*ck down." He says frowning his sister in law covers her mouth muffing her laughs. Nicolás rolls his eyes taking more sips of his whine he goes back in time when he was a homeless omega his sisters were very young at the time and shouldn't have been out on the streets with their parents

After he was taken in, Danica was the first sibling that he had met from his husband's family. She was this kid on sugar non stop eating their candy or coffee the two became friends at that day then it was time to meet the younger brother.

"Danica." The omega calls out; the women stops laughing, wiping her tears off as she dies down.

"Yes Nicolás." Her voice cracked as if she was going to brush our again Nicolàs gave her are-you-serious glance but she was serious this time straighten herself up

"Do you ever feel poor with all this money?" He asked She shook her head

"No not really only 200 million." She says

Million!! Nicolás shouts in his head

He watched her be on her phone rather than paying attention to him but he continued the conversation "I do, I feel poor when my own network only has 300 million, why is that?" The older women scoffs

"I don't know if we're the 9 richest gangs in American bro, how can someone feel homeless or poor with that great amount of money? She asked with a frown her brother-in-law smirks

"Now you're getting it."

Donica was beyond confused at this point; she pays close attention to what the Mexican boy was trying to say. Maybe he was confused and should have switched it around. What's the point of being rich? "Nicolàs you're puzzled, you're trying to say that what's the point of being rich." She explained Nicolàs titl his feeling dumb

"Yes that's what I'm saying I've never been so rich in my life I was a homeless boy with no life, break, wealth, or pets but you and Dimitri had." Nicolás tells her his voice fairly uneasy he wouldn't be uncomfortable talking about his homeless lifestyle that he had almost his whole game. His mate was the only one to understand his struggles

Danica let out a long sigh before showing a wallpaper rose to him

"You gonna need that for the past couple of days for your depression state now I know that others will not understand. I know that you hate being rich I mean you're leaving in a masterpiece you're married to my fucking bro. He's the top 10!" Danica exclaimed wanting her brother-in-law reminding him that he's married to the powerful men named Dimitri his name is out, loud and proud

Nicolàs chuckles

"Yeah I know you don't have to tell me every single time I'm not dumb I get that he's rich, I know why he wants the money, and he knows my life. He wanted to help homeless and non homeless out because they're struggling. I know by the fact that deep down inside he has a real beating heart don't disagree on me with this saying." Nicolàs explains shrugging as he took more sip of his whine and his sister-in-law did

"Yes strongly agree with that Nick." They stopped talking when they heard the phone rang they both signed rolling their eyes

"I hope that phone becomes obsolescence one day." Danica comments

"I'm not getting that." Nicolàs says

"Me either." She says

"Oh well—." Before he could say anything he drops his whin running to the nearest bathroom spilling his guts out tears engages in his eyes. His eyes flickers bright red, he quickly shuts his eyes while his hair is pulled back it wasn't really long only to his shoulders

"Let our amour, let it out." Dimitri cooes at his husband; he circles his back gently, afterwards, the vampire got cleaned up and had to take a pregnancy test. He shouldn't have gotten his heats; they're beyond gone. The couple went to Pack Doctor Mason.

"When was the last time you were sexually actively Mr Rodríguez?" He asked, forming a deep frown on his face. Dimitri chest rumbles his husband doesn't have that last name anymore, forever gone

Nicolás blushed from yesterday "Um yesterday actually". Mason nodded before taking more test Dimitri smirks widely at blushing mate Nicolàs blushed more slapping his husbands knee making him chuckle. A while later Mason smiles ear to ear

"Congratulations Mr. and Mr. Bianchi, you are pregnant come back in 10 weeks and I'll tell you the gender of your baby. Would you like copies?" Said Mason smiling Nicolas was in happy tears but nodded anyways after getting 6 copies they left the room. Standing out in the whole Nicolàs couldn't help but jump up and down in excitement as pictures tumbled. He then jumps into his mate who doing him round making him giggling

"We're going to be parents, life is actually growing inside of me." Nicolàs squeals out Dimitri chuckles kissing his mate —no tongue action only long and sweet

"I can't wait till our baby gets here. I love you." He says holding his vampires cheek who blushed

"I love you too."

They shared a kiss

Pulling away Nicolàs raised his hand up "So I want to ask this question that I did with Danica. Do you ever feel poor while being hella rich with a worth of 200 million." He asked now he made his husband confused

"Uhhh no. Why?

"Nothing I feel the same way since I'm rich and it goes back to the time where I was—

"Homeless." Dimitri interrupted him Nicolàs nodded

"Noted but anyways with all that green in our hands I feel nothing." His voice drops and Dimitri signed pulling his mate to his warmth rubbing his back

"That's the past now why don't you forget it alright." He says Nicolás signed nodded



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