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Without A Roof

"We has nothing, no house, no food, clothes , and money. We were never like those people out on the cold wet streets walking right past us not having the HEART to give us what we needed. Poor unknown souls they have. Me and my family would face the ground ignoring those ungrateful peasants who only care about their fucking selfs...well until one day I met my Chico "

Chapter 3


Two more chapters left till more will be on webnovel only books will be mixed around I will explain more


Fact | Mafias Boss B!tch is basset off of this book and didn't want to name it that title because there's already books named that|

Nicolàs taps his fingers on his knees as his husband's father was talking about a massive occurrence that happened in Vegas surprisingly, The Dragons Hunters were at it again killing and abusing people for enormous capability. Whoever stood in their way will die painfully in their rotten hands crushed like an poison apple they were creepy-crawlers wandering throughout the darkness catching their prey to pain or demolish.

It's not shocking when you find out that Ethan, Ethan Hays was in that gang he used to be Nicolás friend before betraying his trust. It wasn't all like that; the older boy was angered, giving all his whole hatred towards Nicolás for loving a white man (a werewolf). Mocha brown eyes and chestnut brown hair that's either gelled back or long, messy, and greasy hanging down on his shoulders. It got to him so much that he shaved off his head and started to do drugs Nicolàs mind was stuck in confusion, downcast, worried, and irritable that his friend would do that but his mom noticed the weird behavior by the boy.

But it hasn't been that long since Ethan died or himself has been homeless with a roof on top of his head and families head. Ethan has made jokes about it and it seemed to never seem to piss off the Hispanic boy off often he kept his mouth shut and fake laugh if he wanted to.


L.A. is starting to be more rainy now days the streets were crowded full of people and cars zooming across the street if they were in a race. There was no room for movements for people to rock across well not least for Nicolàs and his family laid out on the streets being rebuffed by anyone who crosses by.

Race and skin color don't matter. They will refuse to help you if some want to help but some are selfish and special in their own ways. Nobody offered to help his family out and despite the words is that he has little siblings now some other kids with homes wanted to help but their mommy or daddy dragged them away


Nicolàs signed covering up his shivering body snuggling up against his mamá while his papa did the same. A few hours later a tall man appeared and he bends down to the family glancing at them but jugding how thin they look. He saw them as not formal style and ugly. He then said

"I have a place on my own I can give you 100k." Nicolàs lifted his head up and ran through his dirty disorderly hair and squinted his eyes at the unknown mysterious untrustworthy men. Nicolàs tilted his head at the men and his parents had confusion written all over their faces

English is not their first language

They may speak Spanish but they also speak French, and Arabic.

" Tengo un lugar solo, puedo darte 100k." Nicolàs spoke for his parents who turned their heads at him he was now sticking his hand out. Mama slowly took her hand and shook the mans hand


He smirked evilly

A year later....

"Come on now where are they? I can scent them." A devilish beautiful white man says his chocolate brown eyes glared at the blue eyed man who seems tense. What happened was that he kidnapped Nicolàs and his family, they were held captive, were beaten and nothing else.

He wanted to go further, something more intense and wickedness. Nicolàs wished he shouldn't have trusted the man he gave Them no money but a little bit of food and the family were left in starvation and the worst downpour problems. Nicolàs speed walked towards the door knocking on it, more of hammering it violently with his fist

"H-HELP! PLEASE! I wanna go home." Nicolàs shouted then in a low Saddened tone the brown haired men heart shattered at the young boy's weak vicue

Dimitri then took out his shotgun and shot the men right in the middle of his forehead the man gasped and then flopped on the wooden brown floor as heavy loads of blood trickled down. Dimitri nod his head and his man took the body and one of the man burned it with his fire powers.

When the guy first worked with Dimitri in his blood good gang his powers were so incomprehensible that nobody couldn't figure out or understand how he got them. Dimitri knew the man was perfect for the job. While the body was being burned Dimitri ran through the hall, down the dark basement and kicked down the door with his greatest strength.


Nicolàs and his family turn their heads at the beguiling man with his brown bow golden eyes gazing at the beautiful family covered in dirt and some sort of disgusting scents. He covered up his nose but gave an apologetic look at the family Nicolàs shrugged he didn't care if others did it they haven't showered in years...

"My name is Dimitri and you beautiful thing is my mate. I'm here to save you guys there's no time to waste come on now." His deep voice booms the room shocking the others. Nicolàs eyes widened and turned to his family and said

"Su nombre es Dimitri y es mi compañero vino a salvarnos. No podemos perder el tiempo (His name is Dimitri and he's my mate he came to save us. We can't waste time) ." His parents eyed each other frowning their faces

"Please trust me." Dimitri pleaded covering up his nose even more. Then a growl viciously made everyone tremble in horror

"LETS GO!" The man yelled the family took off running and Dimitri ran behind them. The family knew that they were going to be safe and sound with this mysterious white man

End of flashback...

Nicolàs deep ocean thoughts came to an end when Dimitri gripped into his tight Nicolás turned his gaze to his husband who deepened his face moving his face closer to his husbands.

>•Baby are you ok? You're too deep into your thoughts it's starting to give me a headache•< Dimitri complains Nicolás gave him an apologetic look

>• Sorry I'm nervous about my pregnancy•< Nicolàs lied Dimitri faked a smile before tilting his head

"I'm always here with you till the day you die— don't even think about lying. I know that Ethan is in your mind..." Dimitri trials off Nicolás rolls his eyes slapping the men's hands away from his harsh whispers the man can never know or learn how to whisper without disturbing others peace

>•WE have mindlink for a reason just stop for a second and let me think I have the right to think about Ethan yeah he was a crazy son of a bitch who wanted me•< Nicolàs hissed angrily, terribly annoyed by his husband for being a worst whisperer ever

Dimitri chuckles

"I'm sorry amour I just love you so much I don't want you to think about that man ever." He whispers Nicolàs closed his eyes while rubbing his now more seen bump. Since he's a vampire his baby bump will grow faster and will give birth either in 6 months

Ransom, Dimitris father took his eyes of go his gang and to his son and son-in-law he placed his hands on his strong hips and smiled "Dimitri and Nicolàs do you guys have something to say?" He asked Nicolàs blushed and shook his head

"N-no sir." Ransom smile dropped instantly

"Then shut your fucking mouths!" He hissed his fangs out as his eyes shades of golden eyes swirled in anger Nicolàs eyes widened and his husband laughed

After the meeting

The inter-mythical couple walked hand and hand down the glass floors and halls as many people passed to get them to get where they're going. Nicolàs never felt so rich or loved in his whole life well his family loved him but this strong, desire, matured, and nature he had with Dimitri was quite different than Nicolàs passed boyfriend that he wished he never knew in his 23 years of life but worst part is—is that he's working with his husband.


"You know Baby I'm glad that you saved me and my family form that crazy guy, if it wasn't for you then we....we could have died." Nicolás randomly says as he blushed Dimitri placed his hands in his pocket looking at his beautiful husband

"I know right? This is why we should never talk to strangers. I hope your parents have taught you that and I'm lucky to be in this gang to kill people." Nicolàs gave his husband a disapproving look towards the end of his sentence

"You just didn't kill people for fun and my parents never taught me anything so that's why I'm a dumbass for a reason." Nicolàs joked but his husband glared at him disagreeing

"You're very smart Nicolàs don't look yourself down." He says Nicolàs nodded, they two didn't talk after that and he couldn't imagine himself without a roof again and it brought him to tears. He's happy that he has a roof over his head, money to spend stuff on, important of course he would

Dimitri stopped his tracks and growled Nicolàs frowned and placed his hand on his husbands chest

"What's wrong Dimmy." Dimitri's jaw clenched pugnacious, full of hatred in his now golden eyes shades of all golden beautiful colors. The 27 year old through the would never see the man ever again he started to wish he didn't date muscled and twink man.

"It's Cupid Ex boyfriend with highschool he was also homeless with no roof or family I can't believe I helped his ass." Nicolás furrowed his face he knew the hints of his husbands words he figured the puzzle pieces together that anyone couldn't have tried

He then gasped

"Did he s—." Dimitri cut him off

"Yes that son of a fucking bitch scammed me!" Dimitri yells Nicolàs held his hand tightly claiming him down if he was gonna work but sadly it didn't. Nicolàs gulped and placed a worried expression on his face, turning his beautiful gaze at the man who physically smirked as he stood at 6ft. He was a twink; he was also muscled, lean.Pure evil was all Nicolàs saw he barely knows the man and only knew what he did but don't know what his husband did.

But never ever destroy an fandoms diary or break up with them leaving them pregnant and alone

"Oh shit"

Yeah...that's right oh shit Nicolàs thought

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