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"We has nothing, no house, no food, clothes , and money. We were never like those people out on the cold wet streets walking right past us not having the HEART to give us what we needed. Poor unknown souls they have. Me and my family would face the ground ignoring those ungrateful peasants who only care about their fucking selfs...well until one day I met my Chico "

Chapter 4


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Fact | Nicolás never had a last name |

Dimitri lays a brownish bag on the golden table, glancing at his boyfriend before taking at least 15 guns and one shot burn laying them side to side. He signs gazing at his boyfriend who lifted up his eyebrow looking at him, disorient and consecrated

"Why are showing me guns"? Cupid asked his boyfriend he was consecrated but yet so satisfied by the colors of bronze the beautiful metallic brown, and then burgundy dark as whine. He picks one of them up but his boyfriend slapped his hand away Cuipd winced glancing at his boyfriend

Dimitri smirked and said "Because I'm in a gang." Cupid began to belly laugh throwing his head back in dramatic laughter which made his boyfriend upset

"I'm serious." Dimitri wasn't playing around with toys or BB guns—real loads of bullets in those bad boys Dimitri carries them around with him everywhere he goes, even in school. He calls it self defense

Cupid stops laughing before frowning "A-are you serious!" Frantic he says he wanted to believe that it was all disbelief that his boyfriend is actually in a gang and that he carries guns around. He gulped down hard a lump in his throat was still there he didn't know what to do but he wanted to run away

Dimitri signs blinking away before nodding "Yes I am an—Cupid, CUPID COME BACK!" He shouts out for his boyfriend who's running away from him he cried as he did his vision became too blurry to him to run a step closer.


Dimitri blinked a couple of times coming back to reality his mate smoothly rubs his chest Nicolás then kissed his cheek smiling up at his husband who smiled back. As Cupid took a step forward Dimitri brought his attention back to his ex staring into his deep angered soul. They both dated but broke it off Cupid's pregnancy made Dimitri to freak out and kick the boy out of his life throwing it away in a dumpster.

He simply walks towards the young man rolling his eyes. "What are you doing here Cupid." Dimitri's voice drained, being annoyed as Cupid with that smug look on his face. Nicolàs stood behind his husband frighten by the pink haired man

"I came to see you. It's been a couple of years since we saw each other babe." Cupid proudly says to his ex boyfriend playfully punching his chest Dimitri rolled his eyes

"First I'm not your babe and second of all don't touch me I'm a god." He points out Nicolàs chuckles at the comment Cupid ears perked up and looked behind his ex boyfriends back to the young vampire Cupid smirked devilish while chucking wickedly

"Oh don't think I see you. Oh Dimitri how come you didn't tell me that you wanted a vampire and no troll like me." He says in disappointment with a hint of child's play Dimitri signs heavily before rolling his eyes

"He's my mate and my husband."

Cupid clicks his tongue "So then why did you leave me, alone and pregnant with our baby!" Cupid yells almost breaking the glass to the floors and walls over the power ocean of his voice

Nicolàs frowns before stepping beside his husband "What?" He asked Dimitri looked down at the young vampire worried expression written all over his face

"Baby that was a long time ago." Dimitri says gritting his teeth together as they were being shattered

"I was 17 years old." Cupid said Nicolàs frowned when he was twelve at the time when he was saved by the businessman who was a serial killer and kidnapper. But Dimitri was 17 at the time his appearance was more of a grown man with facial hair and young Cupid was a twenty one year old man.

Nicolàs pushes his husband away feeling exasperated and befuddled by his actions for giving sexual attention to an older man as he was a 17 year old boy. Dimitri was a savage badass and nobody gave a shit if he did this or that even his parents

"What's the hell Dimmy! You fucked a 20 year old man and don't even get me started how I knew you were 17 when you came to save me!" Nicolàs yells as his fangs began to show they began to sharpen as light flashes against the perfect teeth earning a wink

Dimitri signed "That was in 2005 me and you weren't mates until you were 13 years old when you felt that spark." He points out

Nicolàs rolls his eyes

"B-but I'm pregnant with our babe Dimmy, *tears up* and now you already have a child with this whore who thought it's tucking ok to fuck with young boys like you. He's a pedo." Nicolàs says in hatred with a straight face his words were black and cold which caused Cupid to hiss at the young man

"Watch what you say kid don't forget that I'm a vampire and can beat your ass." Cupid says his eyes flickered bright red as his fangs hissed at the other vampire. Dimitri stepped between the two and pushed them out of the way

He began to roar "ENOUGH! I don't want a dumb ass fight between my husband and my ex boyfriend it an't gonna be pretty. Please pull your fangs away and Nicolás please baby let's talk about this." Dimitri pleaded at his mate who glared up at him before throwing his fangs away

"Hmph" Cupid's fangs also disappears

Nicolàs crosses his arms

"Speak, now."


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H e l l o K i n g s & Q u e e n s

Anyways let me know what your thoughts are and yes, Dimitri did had sexual relations with Cuipd who was 20 it will be explained

Love y'all and stay safe

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