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The Hardship Past

"That awakard moment when you fall in front of you crush . Yep everything goes down hill you start blushing like a strawberry your friends have the nerve to laugh because that's what they always do when they fall.

Chapter 5


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WARNING ⚠️ there will be sensitive topic of rape and abuse it is a faint at heart please skip if you're sensitive


|Dimitri had a thing for someone younger than him but it use to be older than him but it a switch around |


Hmph" Cupid's fangs also disappears

Nicolàs crosses his arms

"Speak, now."


Dimitri laughs awkwardly as now husband and ex-boyfriend gave their harsh glare at him waiting for his story with Cupid but Dimitri couldn't function his words for his lovers. "Come on Dimitri just spit it out!" Nicolàs hissed out his fangs as his red eyes glowed in anger Dimitri scoffed and signed

Cupid was pregnant while being twenty I was a dumb 17 year old I didn't know better plus it was a one night stand I was supposed to be taking care of your family Nicolás. Me and Cupid went on off a couple of times. You were only 12 when I took your in. I'm glad you didn't call the police about that. I don't know how old when Cupid gave birth." Dimitri explained Nicolás signed tilting his head Cupid smiles brightly at the small truth that Dimitri held

"T-this is weird Dimitri you're a pedo." Nicolás says thr cringe in his tone proves the point he looks away blushing. The three stood awkwardly not speaking a single word Cupid rolled his eyes at the three form their embarrassment.

"Come on it wasn't that bad, well now thinking about it yes we learn from our mistakes don't we Dimmy?" Cupid says smirking wickedly in sort of a perverted way. Touching his ex boyfriend's chest slowly making Nicolás his stepping quick speed forward at the other vampires. Their eyes glowed in strong wrathful feeling raging through their head and actions Dimitri gulped in fear his deepest fear is his husband and ex-boyfriend. He didn't want to be a pussy about of fearing his lovers he stayed on that toxic masculinity in America where they think man should have muscles, stay in super fit don't dye your hair a certain color or you would be known as gay.

Just let man be who there are. What's the problem? Dimitri was scared deep down he could have lost both of them if they needed up in a horrible fight. The alpha broke the two apart hardly, almost pushing them onto the ground if someone saw—then Dimitri would be in trouble severing his consequences for putting his hands on an omega. But it was only a harsh push

It's not like he hit him or punched both of the boys. The laws are so crazy and messed up it can lead an innocent Alpha in jail. Nicolás and Cupid looked at the mafia boss—I'm worried and disorient thinking that the alpha lost his mind and went into a complete state of unhinge.

"Y-you just pushed us." Nicolàs whimpered Dimitri signed

"I-I didn't mean to be ok. Baby you know I would never lay my cold blooded hands on your ever! Are you two trying to be like animals in this fucking building this is where vampire stereotypes comes in." Dimitri says rolling his eyes as he moved on forward form the two leaving them both speechless but hissed at each other one last time

"Even though I hate you to death, I need help with paperwork to do and it's all crime cases." Nicolàs says walking the opposite way of Dimitri, others were chatting as they walked past the omega and beta . Once Nicolás went to his office he took a half stack of files

"Be prepared feisty you're gonna look at rape, abuse, alcohol abuse, murder suicides, Larceny-theft hits the Burglary, Motor Vehicle Theft, Aggravated Assault, Robbery, and much more fucked up shit in the world." Nicolàs explains in his bored tone he went on to his desk sitting down, scooting his chair in and getting his files ready and to he filled

Am I some detective more than the mafia servant? Ugh whatever Nicolás thought

Cupid signed and frowned deeply at the heavy files in his hands he found a desk at the corner of the room with a damp light hanging over the Woden desk. Cupid signed gloomily, walking over to the desk he sat down before smacked the files on the desk. Nicolàs glanced at the man before rolling his eyes and writing his evidence down at the flow he's examining

"How do I even do this?" Cupid asked Nicolás smirked

"Make a timeline, nailing down the timing of the crime is essential, and that means creating a detailed timeline of what happened and when." Nicolàs explained as his hand worked speedily while writing Cupid signed in the process of work he took each file as scans except for not doing the work. But his mouth falls wide open exactly when coming across Nicolás's file he had a very night smile on his beautiful face, everything was on it; His race, eye color, features, and where he was last scene at the crime

Despite Cupid being conversely against his ex boyfriend's new husband he made his own decision to go through Nicolás file. But simultaneously as Nicolás was doing his own business not looking up from the other flies Cupid thought he was good to go.


NAME: Nicolás

BORN: Friday, July 27th 1993



SPECIES: Vampire


WEIGHT: 195. 8

AGE: 23 (present)

AGE DURING THE INCIDENT : 19 years old of 2009


19 year old Nicolás was on his way to the library for a school night to study before he was jumped in the alleyway being brutally gang raped and beaten to death by a bunch of drunk alphas. Nicolàs was left with horrible injuries during the incident; his boy was badly bruised his feet up to his mid chest with purple and red bruises there was also cuts and burns from the cigarettes that the group of alphas had carried, whilst having vaginal injuries than his bruises.

Immediately Once the horror was over some others past they were omegas and a few betas who saw the victims body they screamed and called the police. Meanwhile as they waited a female and male omega broke down in waterfalls it triggered them badly. Ensuing the police arrived they had a terror of Nicolás body badly beating and pool of blood they asked the omegas and betas on what happened. But the only evidence that they were told was that they heard screams and tumbled across the beating omega.

This case was equally as The Omega Alley 6 a group of black omegas was just like Nicolás's body. Every police officer had to match the DNA test of every alpha who lived near the alley way. And just by the fact of it the alphas who raped and abused Nicolás touched him everyone so there's gonna be a ton but sadly there was no match till one day. The omega who witnessed Nicolás body came running to them to fine correspondingly for Nicolás case......



Cupid wanted to vomit, the uncomfortable swallow moment left him curling his fingers, turning away from the file before narrowing his eyes to the omega whose eyes widened at shock. Cupid furrowed his eyebrows while being disgusted wishing he can think what's going inside the omegas head

"C-Cupid, w-w-who d-did you read first!" He yells in rage the tone in his voice heated beguile increasing heart rate went up rapidly. Cupid face went pale getting up quickly taking the file

"Y-yours! H-how come your didn't tel anyone that you were fucking raped!" Cupid spots if he was showing jealousy towards Nicolás he bit his lip form crying out loud he sucked his breath dry before speed walking towards Cupid, snatching the file out of his hand

"I DID AND I WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!...please..." Nicolás was too emotional to show off his crying. He didn't want to feel discomfit or perceived to be slut shamed by Cupid when he was raped in the Alleyway 7 years ago. Nicolàs red eyes glowed while he pointed at the door clenching his jaw tight Cupid rolled his eyes storming out and slamming the door making a few pictures fall down

Nicolás bursted out crying, slamming the file onto the ground, the papers scattered across the concrete floor. Nicolàs runs his hands through his hair, his mind goes into a deep set of his past, the exertion, downcast, and anger left him in a shock state he was unable to to speak due to his mouth being dry. He lets his tears flow at the end of the river


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