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Hazel Caballeros Anderson, a 17 years old, quiet but not shy girl, just moved into a new town, with her adoptive parents. starting senior year in her new high school. she barely talks because of her past, were she got abuse, and raped for years by her biological dad. after her mom died when she gave birth to hazel, her dad blamed Hazel and abused her. in school she starts getting bullied by Rachel the school's hoe's and Rick Carson the school's bad boy. to make thing's worst, Rick was given a dare to make her fall for him and take her to bed then brake her heart, but his plans got ruined when his brother came in and protected Hazel from him. none of them expected to fall for her, or her for them., now she has to make a decision, will she fall for the bad boy? or will she go with her knight and shining Armour? what she didn't know was, she has a secret admire falling for her. and he will would do anything for her, who may that be?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

chapter 1

Hazel POV

Beep!Beep!Beep! I jolted awake to the sound of my annoying alarm clock, it read 6:30 Am. I sighed as I slapped the deathing sound. I grabbed my bath towel and got to the bathroom to take a nice steamy shower to start my Sophomore year in my new high school. I get undressed and let the hot water burn the skin on my back and sigh from the pleasure. After I washed up, I put a towel around my body and another around my soaking long brown hair. I got to my room and got dressed. I spent minutes figuring on what to wear, and finally found a black t-shirt with thighs jeans with black and white Adidas. and a grey hoodie to cover my scars.

I went back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I walked back to my room and sat on my desk. I look at my hazel eyes in the mirror.

"no wonder my adopted parents named me Hazel," i thought.

i just got adopted last summer. i was living with my abusive dad, then one day the neighbors heard me screaming when dad was beating me up, and called the cop's, i was kept in the hospital for 1 and a half month. then i got sent into a Adoption center. Carla caballeros and Joseph Anderson decided adopted me and named me Hazel caballeros Anderson. Carla is Hispanic and Joseph is American. i'm Hispanic but i was born here, so i guess that's why they decided to adopt me. also Carla cant have kid's so she went for adoption, i just don't know why she adopted me i'm 17, i haven't asked her, why? well because i don't talk at all. i tried talking to them, but only some words came out like "hi" or "OK", but i can say i did get closed to them. they treat me really good, and over the past months i started to trust them.

After a minute of thinking on how to do my hair, I decided to let it out. I took my brush and tried to calm down the mess I call hair. When I finished, I sprayed some vanilla perfume. I took the books me and Carla got when we went to high school in the summer and stuffed it in my book bag along with some pens and pencils. I closed my book bag, took my phone, Then I left to go down stairs.

I was walking down the stairs I smelled the delicious pancakes Carla was making. I walked in the living room and saw Joseph on the island sitting down drinking a cup of coffee and Carla in the stove. Joseph look turned around.

"morning sweetie" he said " come sit down for breakfast" he said pointing at the stool next to him. i gave him a small smile. and sat down.

"did you sleep well?" Carla asked me

"yeah, i did" i said. they both stop doing whatever they were doing and looked at me, with wide eye's. i smiled.

" talk," i said in a raspy voice, my throat hurt a little. but i need to try, i need to talk to them, there so good to me, and treat me amazing, they adopted me. so i need to talk to them.

they both smiled and laughed and came and gave me a big hug.

" your voice is beautiful" Carla said in her Spanish accent, planting a kiss on my forehead. i smiled

"take your time talking, OK? little by little" Joseph said, i nodded.

"um...can mom?" i asked in a low voice, looking at them. they both laughed again hugging me again,

"of course, yes you can" they both said, i saw the tears coming out of mom's eye's. i can see the happiness in her eye's.

when they step away mom wiped her tears away, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and went back to cooking.

"are you ready for high school?" dad asked me. i nodded, i'm scared honestly. i went to school when i was living with my dad, so i know how it feel's, but this is a new school.

"i'm...scared honestly" i said looking down.

"if you want we could send you another day, until your okay with it" he said holding both f my hand's. i shook my head.

" i try" i said still with my raspy voice.

"are you sure?" he said looking at me in the eyes. i nodded. "ok" he said kissing my cheek. then mom passed us the pancakes. i thanked her and began eating. when we finished, mom placed the plates in the sink.

"your ready to go honey?" dad asked. i nodded.

"Ok, lets go then." he grabbed his car keys and went around and kissed mom, then she came to me and said, "i'm so happy to be your mom, look if anything happens at school, tell us, Ok, if you think that you cant keep going, then tell Ok, we don't want you to feel uncomfortable Ok? she said. i nodded. she gave me a kiss and a hug, then me and my dad left.

-hey guys, so this is the first book i write and i'm only doing this for fun..... cuz i'm always bored..... i'm not a writer i'm just a reader, but ill try. also my grammar is horrible but pls don't mind that. and keep in mind i'm only 14, so this book gonna be weird AF, so yeah hope you like this peace of crap and.....BYE!


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