Dark Love

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Seraphina Muller is a 16 years old good girl. An A-grade student who is closed off and only have two friends with whom she's comfortable with. Her parents are stinking rich and strict towards her and have been sheltering her for as long as she's known, which have caused her innocence and naivety of the world. Logan River is a 22 years old walking destruction, destroying everything in his path and everyone who get close to him. His childhood was horrible and shaped him to become the man he is today. He doesn't intend to meet innocent Seraphina, but when their paths cross, their fate is inevitable.

Romance / Erotica
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My entire body racked with shivers as I noticed Logan's intense eyes resting on my face. His blue eyes held a swirl of emotions, the never-ending anger, and the underlying lust.

The lust that I have now learned, is t. towards me.

We were in a public area, causing me to mentally sigh. Only God knows what would have happened if we were not.

Slowly, like a predator hunting his prey, he advanced towards me. My friends were oblivious to this. They were too indulged in their own little conversations to notice my fear-stricken expression.

I was distressed.

In the next minute, I made a silent prayer for God to keep me safe, before preparing myself for the worst. The day was bright, the sun was shining. So the immediate shadow that blocked my light warned me to step back.

I did just that.

Meeting Logan's eyes, my heartbeat accelerated in fear.

"Baby girl," he acknowledged, his expression stoic. My cheeks heated up in embarrassment. The last time he called me that he had hurt me immensely. I had the bruises to prove it. Since that day, my emotions were all over the place. I became more sensitive. No sixteen year old should've experienced that.

"Logan," I said, but it came out as a whisper. My voice was suddenly hoarse.

"Do you need a lift home?"

I gulped, the fear becoming overwhelming. I couldn't have a panic attack here. I just couldn't.

"No thank you. My friends have me covered." I said quietly, hopefully glancing towards Caitlyn and Bella.

"Come with me." His tone was calm, but I knew not to mess with the storm that came with it.

"Please don't," I begged, knowing his true intentions.

"Come with me." He repeated this time it came out as a low growl. He made sure to pretend that we were having a civil conversation. He wasn't only sick and twisted, but smart too.

I panicked and breathed deeply remembering what my mom had once told me whenever I had panic attacks. The situation was inevitable. I blamed my friends for insisting I go out with them. I blame my parents for not being here when I needed them most. I blame Layla for inviting me to that party in the first place.

But mostly, I blame myself for being so weak.

I followed Logan to his grand car, petrified of what was to become.

Warning| Abusive content.

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